Brady and Manning to join Tiger and Phil

Brady and Manning to join Tiger and Phil

Tom Brady and Peyton Manning will be joining Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson in a once in a lifetime golf match. The match will be a rare treat for sports fans amid the coronavirus pandemic, in which cancellations and suspensions have placed all sports on pause.

Brady and Manning both love golf and are good friends, who can forget this gem of a video of the two future HOF QBs trying to get their fix.

“Hello friends” haha

Woods and Mickelson played each other in 2018 for a $9 Million prize, the rematch in May would be to raise money for charities fighting coronavirus.

According to a report, the rematch will use a partner format. The source say’s that Tom Brady will team up with Mickelson and face off against Manning and Woods.

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The source who asked not to be identified also said it’s unlikely the match will be a PPV event like it was last year. The rematch could take place on TNT, with advertising revenue going toward COVID-19 relief efforts.

The event is still being finalized so nothing is official quite yet, although everything seems to be falling in line.

Manning and Brady’s names were first reported by golf journalist Robert Lusetich on Monday.

It’s Wednesday afternoon and it looks like Robert was right about the two NFL legends

Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are both avid golfers, Peyton played with Tiger last year on the Pro-am, and Brady has paired up with Bill Belichick at Pebble beach.

Brady is wreck-less on the course according to Bill Belichick

“When we played golf at Pebble Beach two years ago, on the sixth hole, it’s a big cliff. He’s literally standing out there on the ledge, trying to hit the ball. The caddie is holding him so he won’t like tumble 300 feet to his death into the Pacific Ocean. It’s a golf ball. But I think that’s the kind of competitiveness of Tom. I’m thinking to myself, ‘What the hell are you doing?”

The entire sports world will be watching these four legends because what the hell else is there to do? Having Brady and Manning join in on this amazing cause is great for golf, and all of us sports nerds. Manning isn’t too shabby with the clubs either. Take a look at this shot from the Pebble Beach Pro-am.

Brady probably would’ve sunk this I agree

Brady made a good point when this video surfaced taking a jab at his buddy. “Peyton’s had much more time to work on his game since retiring in 2015.”

This is all about raising money for charities who are fighting COVID-19. There isn’t a better way to do so than another round of Brady V Manning.