Most Re-Watchable Red Sox Playoff Series

Most Re-Watchable Red Sox Playoff Series

During this Corona Virus pandemic many sports fans across the world are dipping into highlight packages and classic games to help get their sports fix. Luckily, Boston fans have countless players, series, and team highlights to watch. Here are three Red Sox playoff series that are a blast to re-watch. 

These series will include a mixture of all rounds of the playoffs from different years. For example, every series from 2004 could have made this list, so only one series for each season is eligible. Also, the games included will be a combination of close, competitive contests, as well as Boston blow-out wins. 

Red Sox most re-watchable playoff series: 2004 ALCS, 2007 ALDS, 2018 World Series. (Honorable mentions; 1986 ALCS, 2003 ALDS, 2004 World Series, 2007 ALCS, 2013 World Series)

Obviously the 2004 historic comeback has to make the list. So many epic performances (Schilling’s Bloody Sock, Lowe in Game 7) and unforgettable moments (Ortiz’s two walk offs, Damon’s grand slam) took place. The series has a great mixture of stars and unexpected role players producing. Incredibly satisfying watching the team pour onto the field at Yankee Stadium after their Game 7 victory. 

The 2007 Red Sox were a juggernaut: Remembered for their comeback against the Indians and demolishing the Rockies in the Fall Classic. However, they played an entertaining first round against a 94 win Angels squad. A complete game shutout from Josh Beckett in Game 1 set the tone. The Manny walk-off against Francisco Rodriguez in Game 2 is the defining moment of the series. In Game 3, Curt Schilling dealt seven scoreless innings, while eight of the nine Red Sox starters drove in a run. It resulted in a 3-0 series sweep. A great team playing up to their standard. 

The 2018 Red Sox are arguably the greatest team in franchise history. The five game series win included clutch home runs from Eduardo Nunez, Steve Pearce, and Jackie Bradley Jr. Not to be forgotten was a dominant David Price, who surrendered just three earned runs in 13.2 innings, both as a starter and out of the bullpen. Even though they received a gut punch with an 18 inning loss in Game 3, they would not be denied that season. They were the best team in the sport that year, and they proved it in the World Series.

The Red Sox have played in many entertaining and compelling playoff contests over the past few decades. These specific series stand out due to their memorable moments, outstanding individual performances, and how compelling the games were.

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