64-Player Bracket – Favorite Celtics All-Time

64-Player Bracket – Favorite Celtics All-Time

Here's your chance to pick your all-time favorite Celtics from our 64-player bracket. We need to get the list of 64 Boston hoopsters down to 32. Delete one, or as many as 32. That will be followed by our Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight, Final Four - and ultimately, your single favorite Celtics player.

Give us your deletions - and additions if we have left someone out of the running. Let us know via Twitter or the comment section of this article. Join in. This can be fun.

Russell, Bird, Pierce, Havlicek, Garnett, McHale, Parish, Cousy, Dennis, Sam, Cowens, Isaiah, Ray Allen, Kemba Walker, JoJo, Rondo, Heinsohn, Archibald, Hayward, Ainge, Tatum,Reggie, Maxwell, Jaylen Brown, Walton, Wedman, Maravich, Sharman, Irving, Smart, Antoine Walker, Nelson, Silas, Ramsey, Baynes, Barros, McDaniel, Tony Allen, Siegfried, Crowder, Perkins, Powe, Sanders, Sullivan, Westphal, Carr, Billups, Cassell, Big Baby, Loscutoff, Chaney, Jefferson, Rozier, Ford, Turner, Olynyk, Macauley, McCarty, Sichting, Joe Johnson, Marcus Morris,Gerald Green, Bing,Shaw

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