Get To Know Dan Vitale

Get To Know Dan Vitale

The Patriots have signed Dan Vitale, in what may be a bad sign for James Develin (who missed most of 2019 with a neck injury). Patriot fans hope for the best, but dealing with an injury of this magnitude shouldn’t be taken lightly.

courtesy of the Boston Globe

The new Pats fullback played for Northwestern in college, and was drafted 197th in the sixth round by the Buccaneers in the 2016 NFL Draft. Vitale played in Cleveland and Green Bay, showing flashes of being a “perfect Patriot.”

A young jack of all trades kind of player is what New England is all about

The 26 year old can run, block and catch the ball well, checking every box for Belichick. He is a versatile player that will help Jarrett Stidham ease into this season, while bringing leadership and toughness to this new look offense.

Vitale will be a big part of this Patriots offense

The addition of Vitale will also help Sony Michel, who hit a sophomore slump last year without a true fullback in front of him.

Janes Develin and Sony Michel celebrate after a beautiful block leading to a Sony TD

Develin is a major factor for the Patriots offense, and his status is still unclear. Jakob Johnson who stepped in for Develin, also went down last year. Johnson is still under contract and will provide depth.

Dan Vitale is a strong athletic fullback who can play like a pass catching halfback, the former Packer has found the best place to showcase his versatility.

The Patriots, Josh McDaniels and Bill Belichick found themselves a jack of all trades with Vitale. New England fans should be excited, yes I said excited for a fullback. Belichick knows Vitale is a special talent, and with his coaching, Dan Vitale will become the best version of himself.