Bruins Place Team Employees On Leave

Bruins Place Team Employees On Leave

Delaware North, the ownership company of the Boston Bruins, announced Wednesday there will be changes to the staff amid the NHL’s break in operations.

The company, led by chairman the Jacobs family, has stated that 68 full-time employees will be placed on temporary leave, while 82 others will receive a salary adjustment. The changes enacted by Delaware North will not just affect the Bruins, as they are making similar cuts in their casinos, restaurants, and airports.

The country as a whole is struggling with unemployment, with unemployment claims soaring to 3.3 million. Luckily, most Bruins employees will be retaining medical benefits, which certainly helps in a time like this.

But it definitely raises the question, at least in the case of Delaware North, if these cuts were necessary. Most NHL teams are providing their employees with pay, and Jeremy Jacobs is one of the richest owners in the league. Now a large portion of employees are getting placed on leave, with only one week of paid leave.

In the NBA, the Sixers also tried something similar before backtracking once the backlash grew too great. Perhaps this once again could be the case, as backlash would not be unsurprising due to the sensitivity surrounding COVID-19. Let’s just hope they make the right decision, while balancing the well-being of the team and the employees.

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