Red Sox Players Most Likely To Win Each Award

Red Sox Players Most Likely To Win Each Award

Boston still has a lot of talent in their ranks despite losing a few key players this offseason. If the season does eventually happen, then here are the most likely Red Sox winners for each individual award.

Reliever of The Year: Brandon Workman

One of the easier choices on this list, if Workman can build upon last year he should be a main contender for the award. Brandon displayed a 1.88 ERA in 73 games, racking up 16 saves in the process. He will be used more next year, so he should receive greater recognition as well.

Comeback Player of The Year: Dustin Pedroia

There were a few options for this award, but none made more sense than Pedroia. He has been attempting a comeback for the past two years to no avail. But this extra time before opening day could greatly work to his benefit, and he could potentially make a full recovery in time to play most of the season. He has not shown us a reason to doubt his talent when he does make a return, and his story would easily make him a front runner if he does come back next year.

Hank Aaron Award: Rafael Devers

The Hank Aaron Award goes to the top hitter in the league. This was a tough one to choose, as there are obviously three really great hitters for the Sox. But Devers has a bit of an advantage, which is that we don’t know his ceiling. It’s hard to imagine Martinez keeping up this superb play as he gets deeper into his 30s, and we know Bogaerts’ limits. But Devers, who led the team in batting average last year, is only 23 and should improve even greater from last year, which sets him up perfectly for this award.

Silver Slugger: JD Martinez

While last year Martinez did not win a Silver Slugger award, he won TWO in 2018. This is a very simple decision, as he is easily the best DH in the league. Cruz beat him out last year for the DH spot, but that was one really good campaign that will most likely not be repeated. Even if Martinez does worse than last year, he should receive a Silver Slugger award.

Gold Glove: Jackie Bradley Jr

Inarguable the best defensive player on the Sox, Jackie Bradley has the best shot at a gold glove. He may have a difficult road ahead of him, as there are many great defensive centerfielders in the game at the moment. But Jackie is still improving, and already has a gold glove to his name.

Rookie of the Year: Bobby Dalbec

It’s difficult to choose a rookie of the year, especially since you don’t know exactly how the roster will look for next year yet. If I had to choose, though, it would be Dalbec. CJ Chatam has a shot as well, but it all depends on where Chavis is playing next year. If Chavis is at second, Dalbec could be playing first. If Chavis is at first, Chatam could be at second. Either way, whoever is starting simply has the best shot at this award, and Dalbec potentially has the skill to do so.

Cy Young: Eduardo Rodriguez

The Red Sox pitching unit is certainly not the best in the world, especially with Sale undergoing Tommy John surgery. But Eduardo Rodriguez was one of the few bright spots of 2019. He was top ten in ERA in the AL, and was sixth in Cy Young voting last year, which the 26-year-old can certainly build on. His ability to get the team a win is very valuable, and could ultimately be the reason why he wins a Cy Young.

Most Valuable Player: Xander Bogaerts

Now that Mookie’s gone, there is a bit of a question of who will step up to be the new leader. Most people rightfully say it will be Bogaerts, which is why he has the best shot at the MVP award. He came in fifth last year in voting, which was a jump from being 13th the year prior. Bogaerts has offense and defense on his side, and seemingly has the best shot at being the MVP next year.

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