The Patriots QB Should Be Jarrett Stidham

The Patriots QB Should Be Jarrett Stidham

With the greatest of all time out the door all eyes are on Jarrett Stidham. I really don’t see Belichick bringing in a veteran like Cam Newton or Andy Dalton. If you were going to bring any veteran back it should’ve been Brady. I’d rather they just rebuild start new and give Stidham the chance to see what he has. Stidham does have pretty big shoes to fill, but we should see if he’s up for the challenge. The Patriots could win the division with Stidham at quarterback.

Belichick Wants To Prove He Can Win Without Brady

Belichick wants to prove be can with without Brady, so why would he bring a veteran in? He’d want to develop a quarterback like he developed Brady and took a chance on him. If I was Stidham I would look at Brady as an inspiration – If he could prove people wrong than I can too. He’ll have to put in the time and work but I think he can get it done.

Stidham’s Time To Shine and Prove People Wrong

If Stidham is the quarterback for the next decade plus that is another win for Belichick. It means when all was lost he found the next quarterback and won with Brady. The dynasty may not be over If they go to Super Bowls and win. They may not go to nine, but they may go to some and win. There is pressure on Stidham, but if they brought someone like Brian Hoyer back to back up and be a mentor that will help Stidham’s confidence for sure.

It’s going to be hard and different seeing a different quarterback other than Brady. But I do think Stidham can work with the receivers and make something happen. It may take some time, but in the long run it will benefit the team for years to come.