Chris Sale, No Better Time For Tommy John Surgery

Chris Sale, No Better Time For Tommy John Surgery

It’s been seven hours and fifteen days, since Covid-19 took our love away. Just try to click that link and not shed a tear for something that’s rocked your world over the past couple weeks since USA shut down. That includes our beloved baseball. And now, as has been widely reported, Chris Sale is casting about for a time and place to have Tommy John surgery.

Chris Sale, nothing compares to you. I mean, not even Commissioner Rob Manfred can take away this moment (as much as he is trying and failing):

The 2020 season was lost the moment Mookie Betts and David Price were traded. The farm system has been restocked, thanks to Chaim Bloom beating his big brother Andrew Friedman in a game of chicken. By the time Chris Sale is back on a big league mound in the summer of 2021 Jeter Downs will be at second and Connor Wong will be the DH. Until that time it’s foolhardy to think this Red Sox team can compete with the likes of the Yankees and Rays. With the regular season being shorter by the day all those Yankees injuries matter less and less. It won’t improve to the Red Sox options in the starting rotation, no matter how long the season is delayed, .

All of this makes Chris Sale going under the knife perfect timing. Yes, the Sox are losing out on at least a year and a half of a $35 Million pitcher. But one of those years is truncated anyway. Comeback all shiny and chrome for the playoff push two years from now. This year is a wasteland anyway, no need to fight Immortal Joe, or the Yankees.

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