This Day in Bruins History: March 18th

This Day in Bruins History: March 18th

With the NHL season on pause until further notice, why not take a look back into the long and storied history of the team. I didn't have a reason for picking this date, but once I started looking into some events that took place I have to say it was a good starting point.

To get us started with the brief history lesson I'm going all the way back to 1892. Before all the comments say the Bruins weren't even around then, let me stop you because this event has had an effect on every single NHL team. March 18th, 1892 is the day Lord Stanley pledged to donate a silver challenge cup, to be awarded to the best hockey team in Canada. This cup would become known as the Stanley Cup, so as I said before not a bad day to start this new series off with.

Now we can get to more Bruins centric events that took place on this date. Back in 1930, the Bruins sixth year as a team, they would set the record for most home wins in a season at 20. This was not just a Bruins record, but the entire NHL at the time. Next in 1945 is an event that isn’t something the Bruins would like to be known for, but it is impressive enough to make the list. On this date Maurice Richard, who played for Montreal, became the first NHL player to score fifty goals in a season. The feat was accomplished in only 50 games, with the 50th goal coming in a 4-2 victory over the Bruins in the season finale.

Now we flash forward twenty-two years to 1967 for our next historic event. This is the day 53 years ago that Gordie Howe made his coaching debut with the Detroit Red Wings. This one ends better for the Bruins as they won the game 5-3 over Detroit. Next, our final historic event takes place in 1973. During a 7-1 victory over the Atlanta Flames Bobby Orr scored a goal and had two assists. The goal was Orr’s 600th career point in just his 461st game.

From the foundation of the Stanley Cup to the first 50 goal season, Gordie Howe’s coaching to Bobby Orr’s 600th point, this day has been a special one for everyone who is a fan of the NHL. As an added bonus the Bruins also have a winning record, going 18-11-0 with 7 ties in their history on March 18th. This article was pretty different from what I usually write so I would appreciate any feedback on what you the reader would like included for next time. Feel free to comment any ideas you have or even a hockey experience you had on this date. In these crazy times, we need to come together as fans and as a community to uplift one another until we are finally back to normal. As always don't forget to check out our other pages. Just because every season is paused doesn't mean we don't have some great content to help fill the sports void.

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Written by Michael Rudd

A life long Boston sports fan who isn’t afraid to admit that at the age of 27 I have been spoiled by the last 20 years of domination by all of our teams.

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