Can You Smell What The Gronk Is Cooking?

Can You Smell What The Gronk Is Cooking?

As we all know, the sports world is virtually frozen. What this means is instead of talking about Kemba Walker and the C’s eyeing the NBA Finals, I can talk about things like former Patriot Tight End Rob Gronkowski joining the wrestling world. It was announced that Gronk and the WWE were very close to signing a deal, dashing any glimmer of hope for Patriots fans of a return.

Sports fans had to know something like this was going to happen. In 2017 Gronkowski was a guest at Wrestlemania when he was a member of the New England Patriots. What happened next might have caused Tom Brady and Bill Belichick to age a few years. He hopped the barricade and got involved in a battle royal. Since that time, New England fans and sports fans knew that it was only a matter of time.

This career move makes perfect sense for Gronkowski, who is a year removed from the football field. There are multiple opportunities that could be opened for the always hyped up former Super Bowl champion. Could he be a host? We’ve seen Pat McAfee on WWE programming as a personality, and putting a guy like Gronkowski on the same platform could raise viewership and grow numbers in organic viewers watching a wrestling show for the first time. It is worth noting the Gronkowski worked as a football analyst for Fox, and could pull double duty as Fox and the WWE have a programming partnership. Contracts with the company can include a certain number of events to take part in. So for an injury plagued player like Gronkowski, perhaps limited activity would work well.

Could Gronkowski go from spiking footballs to dropping elbows? That too is a possibility, especially when you consider former athletes entering the squared circle. From Shaq to Lawrence Taylor to even Celtics player Enes Kanter, who won a title with the company in September, there are different levels of skill for major sports athletes to adapt.

Rob Gronkowski has connections in the company, as his friend Mojo Rawley took part in the initial announcement. If Gronk is serious about this it will take a while before you see him walking down the aisle. He will have to train in shooting promos and with in-ring activity. There have been a handful of former football players that went from the field to the ring as top guys, including the Rock.

Gronk is expected to appear this Friday night, and it will become more clearer what his role could be. Given the live television landscape I’m sure many will be watching.