Day: March 14, 2020

Auerbach Once Called Heinsohn The “Oldest 27-Year-Old Body In The History Of Sports”

Most young Celtics fans see Tommy Heinsohn as the aged Celtics TV analyst. Some may know the 8-Time Champion and 6-Time All-Star was 1957 Rookie-of-the-Year when Bill Russell was a fellow-rookie in the same season. What most don’t know is that then-coach, Red Auerbach, belittled Heinsohn unmercifully – because Red knew Tommy could take it […]

Ainge Unhappy With Team’s “Equal Depth” and No “Clear Hierarchy”

Despite holding the third-best record in the Eastern Conference, with 19 regular-season games still unplayed and in Limbo due to the caronavirus outbreak and the temporary (hopefully) cessation of play, Danny Ainge is still not content having what he calls “equal depth” and lacking a “clear hierarchy”. Danny had previously broached his thoughts to ESPN’s […]