Tom Brady and Antonio Brown Potential Reunion

Tom Brady and Antonio Brown Potential Reunion

NFL free agency is a few days away. There’s chaos, as there is every season around this time. Fans are wondering if and where certain franchise players will go. Will there be a big move or draft pick to put their franchise in a better position to contend for a Super Bowl? That’s one concern Patriots fans never had with Tom Brady. Well, now we’re concerned. The Patriots quarterback will enter free agency for the first time in his long and illustrious career. It’s no secret Brady wants good weapons to throw to next season. So could a return of an old friend named Antonio Brown be in the cards? Let’s look at a few pros and maybe a con to this reunion potentially happening.

Pro: The Two Want To and Have Played Together Before

It may have only been for 10 days. But it was a pretty good 10 days that Brady and Brown were together on the same team. It’s no secret that Antonio Brown was one of the best wide receivers in the game. Brady knows that, he isn’t a dummy. The tweet above was from the only game they played together. Imagine what the two of them could have done together if Brown didn’t mess up and was around for the rest of the season? The possibilities are endless. These two can work together and it’s very clear they can be a part of the same offense. The only question that remains is this: will an NFL team realize this and take a shot on signing both of them? The results are there, now a team just has to realize that it can work for an entire season.

Pro: It Could Entice Brady to Come Back to the Patriots

Listen, Tom Brady in a Patriots uniform needs to continue. Don’t give me the “Joe Montana went to Kansas City to finish his career” line. Brady is the heart of the New England Patriots. This team will take a serious step back if he doesn’t re-sign. So if the Patriots want to keep Brady as badly as they say they do, maybe signing A.B. isn’t the worst thing. Especially if the Patriots continue to make moves for guys like Hunter Henry, Amari Cooper, Stefon Diggs, etc., the quarterback would be moronic to not stick around. The Patriots can make moves, they have pieces to do it. Signing A.B. could be the first domino to fall in enticing Brady to come back for a few more runs at the Super Bowl.

Con: A.B.’s Past

We know that A.B. has had a downward spiral.

There have been a ton of accusations against him. The rape charges, the assault charges, there’s a lot that A.B. has done. This can be negative attention that the Patriots don’t need…again. For as great of a player Brown is on the field, he’s just as huge of a distraction off of the field. It depends how badly the Patriots want to keep Brady. Will they be willing to bring back Brown with his negative public image? Is A.B. really leaving his dark past behind? I don’t know. But, it’s a risk that the Patriots probably won’t take if they’re basing it off of Brown’s conduct in the past year.