Hayward Joining Pitino on List of Bad Contracts By Holley A Travesty

Hayward Joining Pitino on List of Bad Contracts By Holley A Travesty

DJ Bean and Michael Holley of NBC Sports Boston tried their hands at picking some of the worst contracts in sports history. Bean got it right with his choice of Rick Pitino. Holley faltered terribly with his pick of Gordon Hayward.

Pitino came to Boston in 1997, taking over the reins of a team that had been struggling. He pushed the much-revered Red Auerbach aside and amassed a disappointing 102-146 record with the Celtics until his resignation in 2001. To say he was despised by Celtics fans is to understate the issue. His contract with Boston called for the sum of $70 Million over a 10-year period. He lasted only three-and-one-half years and came close to ruining a storied franchise – a lot of money ill-spent.

Holley including Hayward’s contract in his list of bad deals is a travesty. Gordon’s cringe-worthy ankle injury less than five minutes into his Celtics career was total misfortune. Danny Ainge’s acquisition of Hayward for a max contract should never appear on such a list. Gordon has recovered from the injury – assimilated himself into this season’s team concept – and is producing the following stats: 17.3 PPG, 6.5 RPG, 4.1 APG, 50% FG, 39% 3P, 85% FT, numbers very close to his 2016-17 All-Star season in Utah.

In Boston’s 114-11 victory over the Pacers Hayward put up 27 points, grabbed 10 boards, handed out five assists, had two steals and one block. He is all about stability, control, versatility and team play. “Travesty” may be too gentle a word for Gordon Hayward being compared in any manner with Rick Pitino.

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