Does Brady have the Guts to leave New England?

Does Brady have the Guts to leave New England?

We are about a week away from free agency. The biggest free agent is of course Tom Brady, and has been since last August. All this drama and talk will soon be coming to an end thank God. At this point it’s a cat a mouse game with he said – he said between the Patriots side and Brady. Will Brady stay in New England after all this drama? Or will Belichick force him out of town to build for the future?

I personally think Brady doesn’t have the guts to play for another team. His side may leak information that he would play for this team or that team, but at the end of the day his loyalty is to Robert Kraft. Can you see Brady about to sign a contract with Tampa Bay? The Chargers or the Raiders? I don’t think he’ll want to go to all the off season workouts that he doesn’t do in New England, along with less family time. He talks about his family and that’s why he skips OTA’s, with a new team he’ll have to attend.

It doesn’t help his brand if he goes to another team and sucks. He wants to be able to contend and be in the Super Bowl in 2020. This week is crucial for Brady to really think what his life would be like without the Patriots. Belichick will have to make improvements to the offense to get Brady help.

Do you honestly think Brady will want his last pass in New England as a pick six? I don’t think so, which everyone keeps forgetting. He’s been here for 20 years and has loads of success, and he wants to finish it off right. He just wants to feel the love from Belichick that Belichick doesn’t give any player. Every player is the same. Brady could be God and Belichick would still treat him like everyone else.

At the end of the day Brady doesn’t have the guts to leave New England. He will do what he always does comeback and be the player he’s always been. Belichick will have to forget the future and make an exception for the GOAT. Brady wants to comeback or probably retire, not play for another team at his age.