Mookie Betts Didn’t Want Boston – Christian Yelich Proves It

Mookie Betts Didn’t Want Boston – Christian Yelich Proves It

The more time passes the more apparent it is that Mookie Betts did not want to stay in Boston, period. Christian Yelich just signed a nine year deal (including options) for $215 Million to stay with the Milwaukee Brewers.

This isn't a home grown super star. He's only played for the Brew Crew for two years. Unlike Mookie's platitudes about loving Boston, Yelich backs up his words by putting pen to paper.

And this isn't just a straightforward $215 Million deal. According to Bob Nightengale there's significant deferrals involved.

Nightengale also reports there are not only no opt outs, there was never even a discussion about opt outs. Why? Yelich loves playing for the Brewers.

Lou Merloni reported that the Red Sox offered Mookie 10 years and $300 Million two years ago. The Red Sox don't make it a practice to put deferrals into deals. Why the lack of a deal unless Mookie flat out did not want to stay? You might say that Mookie is better than Yelich. Let's compare.

Yelich won the NL MVP two years ago, like Mookie in the AL, then followed it up with a second place finish last year. Where was Mookie in 2019? A distant eighth. Mookie is a year younger, but Yelich is more consistent. Mookie has Yelich defensively, Yelich has hit 19 more home runs over the past two years. It all adds up to very comparable players.

And keep this in mind. If Mookie had taken the deal after 2018 the Red Sox might not have, and probably wouldn't have, signed Chris Sale and Nathan Eovaldi. It's not his fault that the Red Sox made some bad decisions. But he could've prevented the current disaster Chaim Bloom inherited.

The bottom line is Yelich just took $23.89 Million per year, while Mookie rejected $30 Million per two years ago. Mookie Betts is a great teammate and someone who does a ton of charity work and never looks for recognition. He's an MVP and probably the best position player developed by the Red Sox since Yaz, Carlton Fisk, Jim Rice and maybe even Ted Williams. But if Mookie even kind of liked it in Boston he would've signed the deal. Christian Yelich is what it looks like for a player to love playing for an organization and fanbase.

Mookie never felt for Boston what Boston felt for him. It's a shame, because it could've been an all time David Ortiz like love affair with the city.

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4 thoughts on “Mookie Betts Didn’t Want Boston – Christian Yelich Proves It

  1. The article was light on WHY ? Mookie didn’t want to play in Boston. It appears all writers are dancing around any questions about the Ownership and team direction (down). My guess if they expose the REAL reasons for the sox tumbling down in the standings, they, the writers would lose access.

  2. The only problem I had with the situation was Mookie using Jim Rice to save face after the trade. I don’t blame any player on any team for wanting more money or other factors to make their decision if they are up front about it. Even when it means the are leaving Boston/ New England. It’s professional sports and there is a business side of it.
    Thanks for the memories Mookie.
    I wish you were gonna stay.

    1. 100% agree with this point. That is, in fact, the main point of the article. It’s not a choice about feelings, but that hard choice on the bottom dollar is something many don’t want to accept. Truth is, Mookie could come back if the Red Sox are willing to pay the most.

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