Edelman and Gronk Threatened By Gambler

Edelman and Gronk Threatened By Gambler

This is one of the most disturbing and craziest things you’ll read about regarding the sports world.

The 23 year old man’s name is Ben “parlay” Patz. He used Instagram and other social media platforms to threaten to commit violent acts against athletes and their families. Patriots stars Julian Edelman and Rob Gronkowski are at the forefront of this insane story.

After losing $10,000 when the Patriots beat the Rams in Super Bowl Patz became unhinged. According to Darren Rovell of The Action Network, this is what Patz said to the two players after the game. The following language is very disturbing.

Julian Edelman allegedly received direct messages saying, “I’ll rape and murder your entire family.”

Rob Gronkowski received similar threats from this psychopath, “I will brutally rape and murder your family…I will enter your home while you sleep and sever your neck open with a dull knife.”

The U.S Attorneys Office in the Middle District of Florida announced Benjamin Tucker Patz was charged in federal court with transmitting threats in interstate or foreign commerce. The complaint filed on Feb 3, 2019 showed a sceeenshot from Patz’s IG account of a $10,000 wager on the Rams to win the game. The complaint also showed the disgusting messages you’ve just read.

The two Patriot players weren’t the only athletes Patz has harassed. He is also accused of sending messages containing threats of beheadings, racial slurs and more violence to a number of athletes.

The complaint lists threats against MLB players. Teams included are the Atlanta Braves, San Diego Padres, Cleveland Indians, KC Royals, Baltimore Orioles and the Oakland Athletics.

He allegedly used multiple IG accounts, one of which was found to be linked to the Tampa Bay Rays after the team lost to the Chicago White Sox. Patz threatened the beheadings of four TB players familys and one White Sox player. The authorities said none of the players were referred to by their full name, just initials similar to Edelman and Gronk.

The harassment wasn’t limited to just men’s professional sports, as college Basketball and football players received threats as well. His disturbing behavior didn’t stop in the United States. According to investigators one of Patz accounts threatened a player for the Swedish women’s soccer team after they beat Germany in the Women’s World Cup Quarter Final.

Ben Patz, who became famous in the gambling community for winning $1.1 Million in just two months, is now in in custody facing serious federal charges.