Bill Belichick the evil genius

Two years ago when Belichick traded Garoppolo to the 49ERS Bill praised Jimmy on the way out the door. Bill even texted Garoppolo after his games in San Francisco to tell him how good of a job he did. Since then he’s won a Super Bowl with Brady and Garoppolo was just in the Super Bowl a month ago. If Belichick does a sign and trade to send Brady to the 49ERS for Garoppolo that would be the greatest and most talked about trade in NFL History.

Belichick would be an evil genius if he does this. Garoppolo goes back to the system that drafted him and gained starter experience as a 49ER. He goes back to Belichick who loves him and won’t have to worry about drafting a quarterback he is set for 10+ years with Garoppolo. I predicted when they traded Garoppolo that they could get him back, but I thought Brady would retire. I did not think Brady would be playing for the 49ERS and Garoppolo would come here.

As for Brady this makes perfect sense. He goes home to his childhood team and is closer to his family. He can grow his TB12 brand out in California and also lead a team to a Super Bowl. He has the weapons around him to win now and they don’t have to improve much. If Brady was the quarterback there’s not a doubt in my mind the 49ERS win the Super Bowl a month ago. Brady in that 49ER uniform would be epic and would be my second favorite team. The chance that Brady comes back as a 49ER and plays Garoppolo at Gillette is mind blowing and would be epic. Football porn at it’s finest.

There is so many ways to go with this if it were to happen. I now put the Titans out of the running and leave the Patriots and 49ERS as sutiors for the GOAT. It makes perfect sense for both teams and what’s best. The 49ERS were so close to winning it all that if they get Brady they will. Man would that be awesome for Brady and make Joe Montana cringe. Brady if that happens would be the ultimate GOAT.

Finally, Belichick wanted to prove he could win without Brady imagine being proved right with Garoppolo. The cards are all there it just needs to be done. Belichick could make and win a Super Bowl with Garoppolo no doubt. I think this trade happens and Garoppolo isthe quarterback for the Patriots in 2020. Belichick would be laughing like an evil genius.