3 Patriots Free Agents Beyond Tom Brady That Need To Be Resigned

This offseason has been…puzzling to say the least. It’s a weird feeling around New England. Just a few months ago it looked as though the Patriots were going to cruise to the Super Bowl again. A few months later a Wild Card loss at home has the franchise in an interesting position. We all know Tom Brady’s a free agent for the first time in his historic career. But people forget that there are other important Patriots that are free agents as well. Resigning some of them will help “bring the band back together” so to speak, and give the Patriots another shot at a Super Bowl. So besides Tom Brady, what other free agents need to be signed? Let’s discuss.

Devin McCourty

Free safety Devin McCourty is one name that jumps out on the Patriots list of free agents. However, there is mutual interest on both sides to bring McCourty back to New England. Anybody else think that this is a done deal? I don’t know, there’s something inside of me saying that McCourty will be a Patriot again. Think about it for a second. He arrived in New England in 2010, has made the playoffs every season he’s been here, and had the chance to play in five Super Bowls. Not to mention, he’s won three of those. This is all that McCourty knows. Now, if it’s all about the money then I don’t see him staying. But considering he’s been productive on the field, and a leader on defense, the Patriots will most likely give him a new deal to stay.

Joe Thuney

Joe Thuney was one of the stable pieces on the line in 2019. With David Andrews out for the season, Thuney really stepped up when the Patriots needed him. He’s expected to be highly coveted in free agency. Honestly, I see Thuney playing elsewhere next season. But if the Patriots are smart they do whatever it takes to sign him back. Whoever the quarterback is next season in New England needs a strong offensive line. Thuney can provide that for you. Plus, with Andrews coming back it makes it that much stronger. It doesn’t hurt that Thuney was a Second-Team All-Pro in 2019 either. It’s going to cost you a pretty penny to keep Thuney, but it’s worth it to strengthen the line.

One of Kyle Van Noy or Jamie Collins

One of these guys is going to be leaving in the offseason. Van Noy and Collins were crucial to the defense last season during the first half of the year. Now both of them will look to get paid. My opinion,Van Noy goes and the Patriots sign Jamie Collins. Van Noy is going to want a HUGE payday, and the Patriots might not be able to give him the money he’s looking for long term. Van Noy is a fan favorite, but business is business. I like Collins, the only thing about him is he seems to fizzle out production wise toward the end of the season. But when he’s playing well Collins is one of the more elite defensive players in the NFL. You have to keep one of these guys to be the anchor of the 2020 Patriots defense.

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