I’m Sick Of The Brady Rumors

I’m Sick Of The Brady Rumors

I’m completely done with the Brady rumors. It’s like one big soap opera of a relationship or marriage. For Brady and the Patriots it’s plain and simple, either poop or get off the pot. I’m done with these different reports daily on he’s doing this or that. Regardless if he doesn’t come back yes it’ll be tough, but just put it to bed already. Until Brady or the Patriots release a statement saying one way or another I’m not believing anything, because everyday it’s something different and it’s aggravating. You’ve been married to each other for 20 years, if you wanna move on just come out and say it. This guessing game and these rumors are just a big huge mess on who wants the news first.

If they are moving on and already came to that conclusion then release a statement. Stop with this complete game of one way or another cause honestly it’s driving people like myself insane. I’m really trying hard not to swear because this is how mad I am about this whole situation. I’m sick of Flegar and Mazz talking about how good their ratings will be if he leaves. Like I said before, your ratings are already good. You don’t need him to leave, you’re already the best afternoon show in America.

All I ask is the Patriots release a (expletive) statement one way or another. He’s the biggest name out there for obvious reasons and they shouldn’t wait until March 18th to say anything. It’s been Brady for two months, no one even cared about the teams in the Super Bowl. It was all about Brady and Belichick. Just end this speculation already cause this whole thing is a cluster (expletive). I don’t care about the hype. I don’t care about the posts anymore. The only thing I want is a statement from either the Patriots or Brady one way or another.

Really though is that so much to ask? All I’ve known for 20 years is winning. The least they can do is just come out and say that they plan on signing Brady or moving on. It’s not that difficult and would save a lot of time and aggravation. These rumors and reports are nothing but speculation and wanting to be the first to get it out there. If you’re moving on just say it with a statement. Enough with this rumor and report BS from reporters that want to be the first to get the story out.

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