Tom Brady Watch Will Heat Up This Week

Tom Brady Watch Will Heat Up This Week

Expect Kraft and Belichick to meet with Don Yee this week

Tom Brady watch will heat up this week with the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis. Don Yee will meet with the Patriots about coming up to a deal that works best for the team and Brady. The vibe is Brady only cares about winning and finding the best chance to win. That didn’t happen last year with the talent he had, so hoping for better results this upcoming season with the Patriots. There is only one team that gives him the best chance to win and we all know what that team is. Felger and Mazz won’t be happy Brady is returning to the Patriots, but they don’t need the ratings they are still the best show in America even if Brady stays.

As we get closer to free agency the more likely it is that Brady is staying. Teams like the Raiders, Cowboys, and Titans don’t give him the best chance to win. They are new systems with new coaches. Brady knows Belichick is the greatest coach of all time. Why the hell would he want to play for an new coach and system at 43 years old? He’ll have to go to OTA’s and all the off season practices. He doesn’t do that for the Patriots cause he knows the offense so well. He will have to for another team and coach.

Brady is the Kobe Bryant of Boston. This is where is heart and soul is for two decades just like Kobe’s was with the Lakers. When you’re around one team and one person for a long time you just can’t picture yourself without them. Yes there’s up and downs, but at the end of the day all your loyalty is to the team or person you’ve known the longest.

Brady can’t picture life without the Patriots and his friend Julian Edelman. Imagine Edelman catching passes from Andy Dalton? I don’t think so. Belichick is going to be 68. Do you think he’d rather have Andy Dalton than Tom Brady? No is the short answer. Sorry Mazz, but again you will still have high ratings when Brady returns and finishes his career with the Patriots.