Lauzon Has Impressed, But Still Has Work To Do

Lauzon Has Impressed, But Still Has Work To Do

Bruins rookie defenseman Jeremy Lauzon has proven to be a worthy call up as he’s all but proved that he’s ready for the NHL. He is on his way to becoming a shut down defenseman, while even able to add a goal every now and then. With his success comes failures. Fortunately the success has outweighed the failures, but Lauzon still has room to learn and improve.

Team success takes off pressure

With the success of the Boston Bruins this season, it makes the mistakes by every player a little bit more affordable. While you never WANT to make a mistake, they’re going to happen. As long as players learn from mistakes, they wont hurt the team as much as one might think. Lauzon is no exception to that philosophy. He is new to the league, he is still adjusting to the speed of the league compared to the AHL, and he is sure to make mistakes and take unneeded penalties. He has taken his fair share of penalties this year, maybe a little more than we might want to see, but he is still doing an absolutely phenomenal job at defending the Bruins zone and being a factor in the Bruins puck moving game.

Plenty of notes to take

Not only can Lauzon learn from the mistakes that he makes himself, but he also has a couple of great players to learn from as far as playing defense in the NHL. Zdeno Chara, Patrice Bergeron, and Torey Krug are all guys that Lauzon can learn from. Chara and Krug are both guys that Lauzon can learn from, obviously because they’re all defenseman, but he can learn different things from each of them. Chara is a big bodied defenseman who can use his body to make it difficult for opposing players to get a good shot on net or get comfortable in the zone. He can learn from Krug because Lauzon has a smaller body, so he can learn how to use his speed and agility to be a nightmare to opposing teams. He can learn a lot from Patrice Bergeron by simply seeing how Patrice Bergeron is so good from one end of the ice to the other. How he is essential in the Bruins success in the transition game.

Time will only help

Unless the Bruins make an addition at the trade deadline Jeremy Lauzon should be at the NHL level for a good portion of the remainder of the season. It doesn’t seem like Kevan Miller is going to be coming back any time soon, seeing as how he’s been “close” at least three times now. Lauzon should only get better over time. Cutting back on penalties should be his main goal for the remainder of the year, and instead finding ways to make the play defensively. Doing that will not only keep him on the ice more, but it will also help him become a better defender as he’ll find out how to make plays in general.

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