Kase To Bruins Trade Breakdown

Kase To Bruins Trade Breakdown

The Bruins are approaching the trade deadline with an all-in mindset, that much is clear after this trade was announced. They are sitting pretty atop the league with 88 points at the time of writing, with a move not technically necessary. But the Bruins struck an impressive deal.

The trade sent David Backes, a 2020 first-round pick and defensive prospect Axel Andersson to the Anaheim Ducks in exchange for Czech winger Ondrej Kase. So basically, the Bruins traded an overpaid veteran, a first rounder, and a good prospect for a solid young winger.

The Bruins were desperate for wing help on their later lines, and the addition Kase is a huge help. He is very young with loads of potential, but has yet to prove himself. This is partially due to health issues, and the fact he has never played more than 70 games in a season. But the organization is really high on the kid, and for apt reason.

“The Boston Bruins are really excited to be adding Ondrej Kase to our current team,” Sweeney said. “Ondrej is a young, solid player, been a significant producer while 5-on-5, has shown versatility to be able to adapt his game and complement different lines; shot volume has increased over his years. For us, I think it addresses a need.”

Sweeney on a conference call Friday

This deal, for now, is a win-win for both organizations. The Bruins only retained 25%?of Backes’ remaining money, so they were able to dump a lot of wasted salary. In doing so, the Ducks received a high-end prospect along with Boston’s first-round pick in the upcoming draft. This is great for the Ducks, who are looking to rebuild as they sit at the depths of the league. Obviously giving up a first-round pick is costly, and losing a good prospect like Anderson is unfortunate.

But the Bruins have a plethora of defensive prospects, many of which are further in their development. So it is actually beneficial for the Bruins to trade him away, as he would have trouble developing and would become wasted value. To lose two valuable future assets is not the best, but to cash in now is far better than to risk waiting.

The Bruins have been very clever with bringing in good players mid-season to assist in playoff pushes, and this move is even better for the fact that his contract exists beyond this season. Don’t expect this to be the last move either, as the Bruins are open to deal further if a good trade arises.

“I don’t know what will be or can be done,” Sweeney said. “We’ll continue to make calls and look at different opportunities that may exist. For us, I’d like to pay attention to Ondrej and the potential he brings to our hockey club.”

With the Bruins looking to make it to the Stanley Cup again, and this time win, you can’t rule out any possibilities. Barring any injuries, the squad is ready to compete down the stretch. Kase, and whoever else the Bruins bring in, are sure to be a crucial part of it.

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