Tom Vs Truth 2 “Brady Difference”

Tom Vs Truth 2 “Brady Difference”

This is one of the most ignorant theories used to discredit Brady’s greatness. Another lazy and tired take. Here’s my rebuttal to the haters who claim Brady’s only good against bad teams.


The AFC “Least”- Not quite true

The AFC East is thought to be the worst and most dysfunctional division in the NFL. Believed by many as the reason Brady and the Patriots are any good. My question is, are these teams really that awful and dysfunctional, or do the Patriots make them look that way? Using stats it shows that if you remove each division winner from each division, the “AFC Least” has the highest win percentage in the NFL. Looks like that theory holds no weight. 

Brady’s win % in every division proves the haters wrong. Let’s take a look.

Here’s Brady’s win percentages. AFCE: 79% AFCN: 81% AFCS: 79% and 65% in the AFCW. 

Here’s Brady in the NFC (win percentage) NFCE: 81% NFCN: 85% NFCS: 75% and the NFCW: 67%

So Brady Vs NFC teams is 76% and 77% against the AFC. Another theory debunked. Tom Brady would be a dominant QB anywhere he played. Case closed right? Well let’s show how “terrible” the AFC East is. When you remove the division winner from each division, the “AFC LEAST” has a higher win percentage than every division in the NFL. It’s time to remove the theory that Brady only excels because of his division. That’s just not the case.


The proof that Deflategate never happened will be In Part 3 of this ‘Brady Difference’ series. Science, math and evidence will be used, along with studies from the top scientists in the country. They’ve debunked the witch hunt called “Deflategate”

Two Gauges Two Refs
Do these look the same to you?

That being said, let’s see what’s happened since the second half of the famous AFC championship game. Two weeks of insanity ensued and the NFL had the game balls under lock and key. The footballs were inflated to regulation regarding PSI, and Tom Brady went off on the Colts in route to SB49 against the Seahawks.

Since the second half Tom Brady has played the best football of his career, weird huh? With regulation footballs all Brady has done is win three Super Bowls, two SB MVPs, broke the passing record and then broke his own record twice! He was also League MVP, selected to two All Pro’s, four Pro Bowl selections, and led the league in passing yards and touchdowns. His record since then is 59-17 with 149 TDs, four SB appearances and three straight trips to the big game. The haters will say he gained an unfair advantage, but his stats show he’s only gotten better while being under a microscope. The numbers show deflate-gate had no advantage for the GOAT.

How about a couple HOF QBs having Brady’s back. Joe Montana said “It’s a stupid thing to even be talking about because they shouldn’t have the rule anyway.” 

Dan Marino said “Every quarterback that has ever played the position understands that getting the footballs the way you like them before a game is part of the game. I mean I did it for years, Jim Kelly up in Buffalo did it, Tom’s doing it, Peyton Manning did it.”

There was no unfair advantage at any point. Part three will show the science behind this bogus scandal.


There is this misconception that Brady doesn’t throw passes further than five yards. The problem with this theory is that Brady is 19th in the NFL throwing short passes. His 35.28% of short pass plays is better than quarterbacks like Big Ben, Luck, Ryan, Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers. Yes, even Aaron Rodgers, who’s compared to Brady for reasons I don’t understand, throws it short more than Tom.

For example, since 2013 Tom Brady’s average depth of target is 8.7 yards per attempt, so why is it that Brees (7.9), Rodgers (8.6) and Rivers (8.5) aren’t discussed the way Brady is? The simple answer is jealousy. The numbers above show he throws further than the top QBs in the NFL.

Just another Tom Brady dime to win the game.

The haters will always say that Tom Brady only throws short or throws screen passes despite the clear evidence. Here’s another example to debunk this notion. From 2014-2018 the top ten QBs who gained the most yards on screen passes are right here: Stafford, Roethlisberger, Rodgers, Brees, Smith, Dalton, Ryan, Cousins, Manning and Rivers. The “check down/screen pass king” Tom Brady isn’t even on the list. Sorry to say another theory buried by numbers.

Tom Brady v The Cliff

Brady’s still playing better than the younger talent at his position as he continues into uncharted territory. The older he gets the better he plays. From (2016-2018) Tom Brady being 39, 40, and 41 years old, was the most accurate QB on passes over 10 yards, playing in three straight SBs. Brady being number one in this category while “falling off the cliff” was better than Luck, Brees, Mahomes and Ryan.

The numbers and accomplishments Brady is putting up since the famous cliff theory is ridiculous. At the age of 40 he won NFL MVP, 1st team All Pro, another Pro Bowl selection, led the NFL in passing yards and had a 102.8 Passer Rating. He led the Patriots to a 13-3 record getting back to the SB with an unforgettable performance, throwing for 505 yards, three TDs, 0 INTs with a Passer Rating of 115. The Patriots ended up losing despite this record breaking performance. The next year he got back to the SB, winning it at age 41.

The 2019 season is now the new hot topic, since every other theory and slight against Brady has been debunked. Tom didn’t have a “great” season at 42 years old, but when you take everything into account was last year really on Tom Brady? He threw for 24 TDs with 8 INTs, and still throwing over 4,000 yards despite the lack of talent around him. Edelman was amazing playing through three significant injuries, but he still led the league in drops. Sanu had one good game and then fell off the map. Brady had no TEs with Gronk retired and the position not addressed. Rookie WRs like Harry missed more than half the year, leaving Brady with an undrafted rookie WR Jakobi Meyers, who had a few nice catches but nobody could seem to hold onto the ball. 2020 will be a different story.

TB12 wants you to bet against him

Tom Brady will show the world once again that he is still the king of the NFL in 2020, whether playing for the Patriots or someone else. The GOAT at age 43 will continue to do what no one else in history ever has. The man is ready and fired up to prove everyone wrong once again.

Tom Brady’s IG Photo
He’s not done yet.

The third installment will address Spygate, Deflategate and more.