Red Sox Ownership Compared Nomar To Mookie Betts

Red Sox Ownership Compared Nomar To Mookie Betts

Red Sox ownership spoke to the media yesterday at spring training and they said a lot of nothing. John Henry read a statement and in the statement compared trading Mookie Betts to the Dodgers to when they traded Nomar Garciaparra in ’04 to the Dodgers. Is this ownership clueless? Nomar was not the player Mookie Betts is and people had mixed feelings about Nomar. Betts can play at a high level and is more of a high level athlete than Nomar was. That is just a ridiculous comparison. Betts wasn’t going to sign with the Red Sox after this season, yes, but don’t compare this trade to the Nomar trade.

Nomar was a likeable player on the team but he didn’t help the team win a World Series. He never was a league MVP or even in the discussion. At the end he was dealing with injuries and that was a move they had to make to upgrade their team. The Sox downgraded their team even though they won’t really admit it. They could’ve gotten more for Betts as he is a much more talented player than Nomar.

Red Sox ownership has to be the most disliked ownership group in Boston. They are clueless and just say what people want to hear. If Henry was knowledgeable he wouldn’t compare Nomar to Mookie. That is just absurd. The Sox upgraded when they traded Nomar they downgraded when they traded Mookie. They got prospects that aren’t going to help the pitching and Alex Verdugo, who has a bad back and a bad past.

This off-season has been a mess and fans are about to turn away from this season. Ownership nor Chaim Bloom could have made this season unwatchable. They take zero accountability and talk to the fans like they are kids. Everything is not sunshine and rainbows for the Red Sox, it’s far from it.

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