Kirk Minihane Sells Out The Wilbur In Minutes..Twice

Kirk Minihane Sells Out The Wilbur In Minutes..Twice

The Kirk Minihane Show will be at Boston’s Wilbur Theatre for two live shows in June. Minihane, along with his producer Steve Robinson and side-kick Blind Mike, will be treating his fans to back-to-back shows on Saturday, June 20th. However, only the “Minifans”, as they are known, with the quickest fingers were able to grab the elusive tickets. 

Originally, the Barstool Sports podcast was only planning on doing one event in June. Tickets went on sale at 11 am on Tuesday, February 11th. It took just three minutes for all of the tickets to be purchased. According to the show, that is a record for the 107 year old Wilbur Theatre. The venue seats over a 1,000 spectators. 

However, some scalpers were able to snatch a percentage of the tickets. So not everyone who bought a ticket is a fan of Minihane’s podcast. However, that is no knock on the show. Since this was such a sought after event, scalpers knew they had to grab tickets as soon as they were for sale. 

After such a raucous success selling out the first event in mere minutes, many fans wanted to know if a second live show was a possibility. It was decided that another program was needed. So Wednesday at noon, tickets were made available for another show the same day. 

Again, the event was sold out insanely quick. This time, it took approximately six minutes for the feat to be accomplished. According to the show, that is the 2nd fastest sellout in Wilbur history. 

Even Dave Portnoy, the President of Barstool Sports, was impressed. He tweeted out on Tuesday, “By the way congrats to @kirkmin and @kirkminshow selling out the Wilbur in 5 minutes. That’s f**king impressive as hell.” 

The passion level of Minihane’s fanbase is quite extraordinary. Just last week, the show hosted an “ice fishing expedition” for the most loyal “Minifans”. Over 150 people drove to frozen Madawaska, Maine to go ice fishing. The 150 who bought tickets, were also awarded a live edition of The Kirk Minihane Show from a restaurant that Saturday night. 

While his fans are a remarkably passionate group, the fact they bought every available ticket in less than 10 minutes is incredible. Not to mention, quite a significant amount of people will be attending both shows. 

Minihane is promising the two shows will be spectacular. He said on his podcast this week he keeps having ideas pop into his head during all hours of the day. The challenge Minihane has mentioned will be deciding what content will be a part of both shows, and what aspects will be unique during each event. Since the podcast originally planned on using all of their ideas for one show it will be interesting to see how they handle spreading around their plans. 

The rabid intensity of Minihane’s listeners just seems to keep growing. The fan-base’s fire is certainly not going to burn out anytime soon. With this being the podcast’s first live show at a venue of this size, it will be fascinating to see what future events entail. 

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