Get Ready To Be A Jeter Fan!

Get Ready To Be A Jeter Fan!

Betts a Dodger and Jeter a Red Sox, both very odd to think about. Of course I’m not talking about Derek Jeter, I’m talking about Jeter Downs, one of the the players the Red Sox received in the blockbuster Mookie Betts and David Price trade. I don’t want to get too much into the trade itself, but when we look back on Mookie Betts and David Price and their impact on the Sox let’s file that under “Don’t be sad it’s over, be happy that it happened.”

Jeter Downs was selected by the Reds 32 overall in the 2017 MLB draft and ended up with the Dodgers via trade in the Yasiel Puig deal. The 21 year old Downs can play both shortstop and second base. The Sox already have a very good shortstop in Xander Bogaerts, but there is defiantly a need a second base. Going into the 2020 season it looks as if Jose Peraza and Michael Chavis will be splitting time at second. This is more and more likely as news comes out that Dustin Pedroia’s comeback tour might be coming to an end.

Jose Peraza signed a 1-year deal with the Sox this season, and Chavis can play also at third and first. It’s looking as if Jeter Downs is going to be the second basemen of the future.

Downs scouting report at the plate is interesting in the fact that nothing really stands out. He is average to above average across the board. However, what stands out the most to me is his ability to hit fly balls to left, which will be very helpful at Fenway. He also has a very good base running IQ. If Downs is able to use the Green Monster to his advantage he is going to be a doubles machine.

Like it or not, we are seeing a “changing of the guard” with the Red Sox. However, there is a bright future on the horizon.

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