Red Sox Sky Is Falling

Red Sox Sky Is Falling

It’s all burning down before the season starts. We were told that Chris Sale was going to ramp up rather than throttle back thanks to lessons learned from last year’s slow start. We were told that Alex Verdugo was healthy by his brother on Twitter. We were told he had an oblique injury originally last August, then it turned into a back injury. Now it’s a stress fracture.

It is getting harder by the minute to have any good vibes about the 2020 Red Sox. This is the ultimate “Us vs Them” opportunity, but these are not the Patriots.

As long as Rafael Dever, J.D. Martinez, and Xander Bogaerts are healthy this lineup will hit. Kevin Pillar is a great short term fix in the outfield as Verdugo tends to the stress fracture in his back (6 to 12 weeks recovery, which includes a lot of rest, which means he’ll have to ramp up physically after the rest, which means….May at the earliest?).

Did we mention thank goodness for Jose Peraza because Dustin Pedroia is contemplating retirement?

But now with Sale out their down to Eduardo Rodriguez, Nathan Eovaldi, Martin Perez, and pray for rain?

Help us Brock Holt, you’re our only hope.

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