Tom Brady’s Relationship With The Patriots

Tom Brady’s Relationship With The Patriots

When your in a marriage, it’s really two people working together through the good and bad times. Yes, it’s not perfect, but maybe you’re sick of each other but don’t have a better option so you stick it out, especially if there’s kids involved. As Valentine’s Day approaches, a football relationship between Tom Brady and the Patriots could be heading towards a split in a few weeks. However, because he’s a 43 year old quarterback in August the best thing may be to work out their differences, get some receivers, then go their separate ways after Brady retires in a year or two.

This 20 year marriage has spanned two dynasties, not just one. They’ve had their ups and downs, but now it’s like the kids are too much for Brady because they don’t get the system and he wants guys that get it. But his loyalty is to the Patriots and Kraft so he sucks it up keeps his mouth shut and does what he does best. Winning. But it’s clear Brady couldn’t stand throwing the ball to guys that couldn’t get the system last year.

The best relationships are ones that remain off social media. The ones that post constantly about it are the ones that aren’t happy, it’s a proven fact. For Brady he has done things on social media that is trolling fans making them think that everything is awesome in New England. But really, are there things going on we don’t know about?

Colin Cowherd said it best Tuesday on the Herd. He said Brady and Belichick’s relationship is like when you just go through the motions, in it for the kids, and should probably leave there’s just not much better available at the moment so you stick it out. Same with Brady and Belichick. They go through the motions, every year they make the playoffs, and even win Super Bowls. However, they might be getting sick of each other. But right now there isn’t a better option and they have to stick it out because no team is going to sign a 43 year old quarterback for $60 million for two years.

If Colin Cowherd is correct, Brady is privately complaining about New England and Belichick is privately complaining about Brady. This is classic relationship drama. You all have that one person you talk to about everything good or bad. It’s complaining about the relationship you’re in but go home and be happy. It’s classic. It’s also common to have someone complain about a relationship they are in if they like the person they are complaining too and want to be with them. For example, if Brady is going to other teams that he wants to play for and complaining about the Patriots it’s a classic move and an out for him to finish his career elsewhere.

In real life though, and in this case, at some point the person does end up leaving. A better option comes across their path at the right time. For Brady there is no better option. His best path will be when he retires and Belichick keeps coaching the Patriots. For now and for the future all they care about is winning, and couples that are rocky only care about the kids and they stick it out for them.

Featured Image via The Boston Herald