Tom Brady Having Fun With Media/Fans

Tom Brady Having Fun With Media/Fans

Free Agent Frenzy for Tom Brady

With Tom Brady about to become a free agent on March 18th, he’s having fun with it. During the entire Super Bowl week the talk was all about Brady and where he’s going. Then he posts that cryptic photo of himself at Gillette the Thursday before the Super Bowl and everyone went crazy. It was a Hulu Commerical saying he’s not going anywhere. Did that mean playing football or playing with the Patriots? I think it meant both, but he’s the only one that knows that answer. There’s lots of rumors, but really who does want a 43 year old quarterback for two seasons other than the Patriots?

Brady probably could care less about the money and more about the receivers he has. He can’t make $30 million for the Patriots and expect them to sign a top receiver. They really should go get a top receiver that can stay on the field like an A.J. Green and a good tight end. If they can convince Rob Gronkowski to comeback that would be great, but maybe a long shot. Brady can’t just throw to Edelman and that’s it. This year and Edelman was hurt, that could happen again. N’Keal Harry missed most of the season and couldn’t get into the offense when he came back.

Tom wants to win. The Chargers make no sense beacuse they are probably in on a rebuild. The Cowboys just hired Mike McCarthy and it will be his offense. Brady will have to attend OTA’s if he goes to a new team. He gets the luxury of skipping those in New England because he’s used to and adapted to how Belichick does things. It makes zero sense for a new team to sign him but he’s having fun messing with the fans and media.

He wants to be the talk of the off season. He’s the most popular player for obvious reasons. The Patriots and Brady have talked, but not numbers yet. I’m sure they’ll want an answer before March 18th if he’s coming back. He wants his last pass in a Patriot uniform to be a pick six? I don’t think so, not with his Hall of Fame resume. He’ll keep messing with people and be back on the Patriots in 2020, just watch.

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