There has never been so much egg on so many faces, most of all ours, when it comes to this Mookie Betts trade between the Red Sox and Dodgers, with the Twins peaking in and peaking out depending on the hour. Just look at what’s been going on with the extremely well respected and sourced LaVelle E. Neal III of the Minneapolis Star Tribune in the past 24 hours:

29 minutes later:

12:58 PM EST Today:

Click in that story and it’s a quagmire of expected and probably and more going to the Twins for Kenta Maeda but probably outside the Top 20 from the Twins plus Graderol to the Dodgers…yada, yada, yada.

I’m picking on Mr. Neal because it was his evil headline writer that sent shock-waves across Twitter, Facebook and the web in general. But he’s not alone. Here is what the most sourced and trusted local Red Sox writer, Alex Speier, is putting out there:

That was as of 11:09 AM EST. Since then, moments after Neal broke it with his tweet, Speier came out with this:

Is your head spinning? Because as you can see, in Speier’s earlier tweet there was Rosenthal and Heyman tweeting this AM about some optimism, kind of. But Speier doesn’t have the details, just that things have changed, again.

The guess here, based on all the reporting and sourcing we’ve got at BIBS, is that yes, in fact, the Mookie Betts, David Price, Alex Verdugo trade is done, and it will be separate from the Twins/Dodgers deal. But just like all the big guns and paragons of trust and reliability in the MLB reporting universe, we can’t say for certain what other moving parts there are. And why are we all so uncertain?

Family Is Messy

Andrew Friedman and Chaim Bloom are family. The White Stripes talked about with Baby Brother. Winger talked about it with Coming Of Age. You deal with it at every Thanksgiving meal. Friedman, if not hired Bloom, certainly mentored him in Tampa Bay. It’s pretty clear from this vantage point that Friedman did not want to give a single prospect from his minor league system to Chaim Bloom in this deal.

Chaim Bloom is under the gun to get under the luxury tax. Andrew Friedman is under the gun to not give up too much for one year of Mookie Betts and David Price’s unique shoulder. Each guy is taking this stare-down to the Nth degree because they want to win, badly. Bloom wants to take down the older brother. Friedman wants to keep Bloom in his place, at the kids table. It’s personal. That’s why things are changing on the fly. That’s why the MLB Players Association is getting annoyed. That’s why no one can get a straight answer from their source. More is being kept close to the vest because the stakes are beyond winning the deal. They’re winning the dinner table.

Well, upon closer inspection of the above tweets, the Dodgers in fact will be giving up prospects in this deal. Will those be Dodgers prospects like Jeter Downs and Tony Gonsolin? Not necessarily. Could be one from the Twins not named Brusdar Graderol, or another from the Angels. And speaking of Graderol, can he be a bad return for the Red Sox, then a great return for the Dodgers?

If he’s coming to the Dodgers Bob Nightengale approves. But again, no details on what the Red Sox will get, and that was as of 1:15 PM EST.

Allow Lou Merloni (by way of Jared Carrabis) retort:

We have been on this story for a long time. This was coming ever since Xander Bogaerts and Chris Sale and Nathan Eovaldi got their deals. It’s been coming ever since J.D. Martinez said on the last day of the season that the team couldn’t keep him and Mookie, and then opted in. And Lou Merloni has seen it to. He’s been saying till he’s blue in the face that Mookie is gone, that the Red Sox need to reset the tax not just for money, but for draft picks and international money too. That Mookie has every right to demand the biggest contract he can get, and that is more important to him than staying with the Red Sox, and that’s cool. We’ve been saying the same exact things here.

Jon Heyman is now tweeting that there’s renewed hope for a Dodgers Red Sox deal to happen soon. But again, no details on what the Red Sox will get.

In the end we’re 100% behind Chaim Bloom doing every possible thing he can to make the best of a bad situation. It’s not wrong of him and the Red Sox to take a look at some medicals and say no. He’s dealing with the brick wall that has been Andrew Friedman and doing everything possible to extract every last ounce of value for the Red Sox.

Keep fighting Chaim, it looks like you’re close to succeeding.

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