Chaim Bloom Playing Chicken Like Dom Torreto

Chaim Bloom Playing Chicken Like Dom Torreto

The Mookie Betts, David Price, Alex Verdugo, Brusdar Graterol trade has hit a snag. According to the mainstream media this is a simple matter of clearing up some medicals on Graterol. We’ve heard it from Jeff Passan of ESPN, Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic and the MLB Network, Alex Speier of The Boston Globe. But this isn’t going to be rubber stamped.

Sources are saying the Dodgers are looking to ship Kenta Maeda somewhere else, not that you’ll read that in the mainstream media. This isn’t just about Graterol’s medicals. Flipping Maeda is a lot more complicated than adding more from the Dodgers. Maeda’s medicals aren’t exactly clean either. Why not just add a prospect? Bloom knew Graterol had Tommy John surgery as a teenager when he made the deal. This is a way to get more out of the deal, maybe from the very beginning.

Andrew Friedman is getting praised high and low for doing this whole roster rebuild without giving away any prospects. He doesn’t want to give up a single prospect from his minor league system. He’d rather try to trade Maeda somewhere else. Friedman thinks he got one over on his former student. But Chaim Bloom, Friedman’s former subordinate in Tampa, isn’t Dave Dombrowski. Bloom is a different type of opponent. Young, brash, ready to go head to head in a high stakes game of chicken.

Jeff Passan is saying Boston is learning the genie can’t go back in the bottle. There is a number in Dodger land that has been heard over and over again. 1988. The fans are getting fed up. They want a winner. They haven’t won the World Series since Dennis Eckersley added ‘walk off’ to the baseball lexicon. Dave Roberts has been vilified for his robotic paint by numbers managing style in the playoffs, especially with the bullpen. The Dodgers have just as much, if not more, at stake.

Chaim Bloom knows this. He’s cool, he’s calm, and he’s staring down Friedman. Friedman has shown his hand, he doesn’t want to give up a single prospect. He wants to been seen as the master, and Bloom the student. He’s got deals with the Red Sox, the Twins, and the Angels. Bloom just has one deal to think to about. That’s why, apologizes to David Price, Bloom holds the trump card.

The end result is up in the air. Who will blink? Because this is about ego, it’s about power, it’s about strategy. Bloom is holding up the deal. Will he swerve? Or will it be Friedman who is forced off the road? Ken Rosenthal is reporting on the MLB Network this morning how the Angels Dodgers deal isn’t finalized. How it was thought the Angels and Dodgers deal was separate from the Red Sox Dodgers deal, but apparently not. Maybe Friedman will find an Angels prospect to add instead of his own. Seems like Friedman is willing to turn himself into quite the pretzel. It looks like Bloom’s winning. We’ll know soon enough.

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