Trade Deadline: What Moves Will The Celtics Make?

Trade Deadline: What Moves Will The Celtics Make?

The trade deadline is soon approaching, and more rumors are appearing about who the Danny Ainge is eyeing to bring to Boston. Washington’s Davis Bertans and Houston’s Clint Capella are on the top of the list. With big men Daniel Theis and Enis Katner performing at all time high levels, is trading for a big man something the Celtics need to do? In the words of Danny himself, “I think our number one need is health, I think we’re going to look to see if there’s ways to strengthen the end of our bench. We like all of our guys. We do have probably too many really young guys.” Listening to this, it begs the question, who’s on the trading block, what other assets are offered and what is the long term gain?

Davis Bertans could be a great acquisition no doubt. He’s shooting 42.2% from the three and has a reasonably small contract to cover. However, he will be a restricted free agent and that small contract will undoubtedly grow to an unmanageable one this summer. If the Celtics are only focused on a one time banner run, Bertans may be the man to get, offering the Wizards some picks plus perhaps Langford and Ojeleye. If the Celtics are looking for multiple title runs, then it’s better to shop around for bench contributors looking to be in Boston for the long haul.

With the rumors that Houston wants Boston to put Marcus Smart in the deal for Clint Capella, this deal has to be completely off the table. There’s not much of a need as Celtics fans originally thought for an additional big man. Theis, Kanter and even Grant Williams are fully contributing at the Center position. In his interview on the NBC Sports Boston Pregame show, Ainge stated that he’s “comfortable with our big man situation.” Therefore, why would Boston offer Houston anything more than some young guys and perhaps a pick for Capella?

The most concerning thing as Thursday approaches is how any trades (big men, bench players, etc.) will affect the current team chemistry. Tommy Heinsohn was quoting Red Auerbach, “The best trade is the trade that didn’t happen.” Meaning, don’t trade for trading sake. Celtics fans have enjoyed watching this year’s team play together and win together. Is adding a new guy into the mix the best move for Boston right now? There are holes, no one will argue that, but as Tommy said, “don’t discount team chemistry.” If Danny makes any moves, undoubtedly this is on his mind.

After pronounced wins against the Lakers, Memphis and most recently Philly, Boston has given fans reason to hope even if they do nothing by February 6th. Veteran bench depth would be nice, but Brad Stevens has shown us in his 7-8 man rotations that the Celtics are fully capable even with lingering injuries. Fans are trusting that come the post-season Walker’s knee won’t be a problem, and Smart’s misfortune of taking shots in the “restricted area”, most recently taking one that took him out of the line up against Atlanta, will be cleaned up

A fully healthy roster as it stands can bring the title home to Boston again, as can bringing the right players in. Let’s have faith in Danny Ainge to do the right thing Celtics Nation. And as always, let’s #bleedgreen.

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