Tom Brady The Story Of The NFL Off-Season

Tom Brady The Story Of The NFL Off-Season

The Patriots will sign Tom Brady

The NFL off-season has officially begun and the story is Tom Brady. Even last week and Super Bowl Sunday the big story is where will Tom Brady play in 2020? The answer is New England. He literally set it up that he’s coming back with his Instagram post and then the Hulu commerical. The Patriots will do anything they can to keep the franchise quarterback they’ve had for 20 years. It makes zero sense since for a 43 year old quarterback to play for another team. He has a system in New England and will have to attend OTA’s if he went to another team.

Brady and his family live in New York because that’s where his kids go to school. When he comes back to the Patriots he can rent or buy a house to live in during the season. He has plenty of money and will travel back and forth from Boston to New York. He’s not playing for the Jets, Giants, or Bills, so we can stop with that assumption. He isn’t playing in LA and be more further away from his family who lives in New York. He also won’t play for the Raiders who have their own quarterback.

Belichick doesn’t go into the off-season with no plan

Belichick won’t go into an off-season with no quarterback. The Patriots probably have a plan in place to keep Brady and get him receivers that can catch and stay on the field. With the season just ending it will probably come out before March 17th that the Patriots have resigned Tom Brady. All this talk and drama that Brady will talk with this team or that team is just talk. No other team makes sense to sign Brady than the Patriots.

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