Should The Bruins Trade Charlie McAvoy?

Should The Bruins Trade Charlie McAvoy?

With the NHL trade deadline on the horizon, the Bruins front office are tasked with the tough task of acquiring or trading talent to put them in a good spot to make a run at the Stanley Cup. With the recent struggles of Charlie McAvoy, would it be a good move for the Bruins to trade him while his stock is still high?

Is it just a slump?

In 48 games played so far this season, McAvoy has just 17 points, all by way of assist. Zero goals have been scored by McAvoy this season. Coming out of college, one of Charlies biggest weapons was his ability to help the offense score. After two years of doing exactly that in the NHL, it seems as if McAvoy is just playing his part in the Boston Bruins goal scoring struggles. Charlie McAvoy is still just 22 years old. At such a young age, it could be very possible that McAvoy is going through something like a "sophomore slump". Although it isn't his sophomore year, its very possible that McAvoy could have just gotten a little too complacent after having so much success at such a young age. McAvoys age will only help his trade value. Its also a good reason to consider not trading him, and just let him work his way out of his current slump.

Why would the Bruins trade a young talent like Charlie McAvoy?

With the exception of center, the blueline is probably the Bruins deepest position. Having depth at a position is one thing that makes pulling off a trade that much easier. Although there isn't quite anybody like McAvoy in the Bruins farm system, there are definitely multiple players knocking on the Bruins door who are ready to find themselves a permanent home in Boston.

Without the struggles, there is no chance that Don Sweeney would ever want to trade a young defenseman with the level of talent that Charlie McAvoy brings the ice. With the recent notable struggles, Sweeney has a decision to make. With the Bruins being in win now mode, Charlie McAvoy could be a big piece, if not the piece that can bring in the top six forward that the Bruins are desperately in need of.

If the Bruins decide to go a different way with a McAvoy trade, he could really help bolster their farm system that is notably rather shallow. The price for a player with the level of talent for Charlie McAvoy would be big enough, plus the amount of control, as well as the low cap hit. For all these reasons, the price for Charlie McAvoy would be absolutely insane.

Will it actually happen?

With the asking price that Don Sweeney will be looking for, and the depth on the blue line that the Bruins can use to help McAvoy get back on his feet, I don't see a McAvoy trade actually happening. I think the Bruins are hellbent on making a move, and I think that move is going to include mostly prospects that are currently not in Boston, and draft picks. Either way, I wouldn't rule out anything as far as Don Sweeney goes. He's shown that he's not afraid to go out and get a big name at the trade deadline. I think it;s just a matter of how he does it.

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