2020 NBA All-Star Snubs

2020 NBA All-Star Snubs

The NBA All-Star game is right around the corner. There’s a lot of speculation going around about what will happen. Will Kobe be honored in a significant way? Who will win the MVP award? But the biggest question every year is who got snubbed? The 2020 reserves were named. Who won’t be making the trip to Chicago, when maybe they actually should be? Well, let’s take a look at the biggest All-Star game snubs this year.

Bradley Beal

One guy that is certainly not happy that he isn’t an All-Star is Washington Wizards guard Bradley Beal. Beal spoke very angrily about not getting the nod to go out to Chicago for the All-Star festivities. When you look at his numbers, he has a valid point. Beal is averaging close to 29 points a game, with six assists and five rebounds for good measure. The Wizards have had it rough with John Wall out for a good portion of the season. But Beal has kept up his end of the bargain. Even though he may not be an All-Star right now, he may become one before the event actually begins if others decide not to attend. Also, keep an eye on Beal for trade rumors once the deadline creeps closer.

Karl-Anthony Towns

It’s been a tough year for Minnesota Timberwolves center Karl-Anthony Towns. There has been the disappointment in the T’Wolves season so far. Now the big man isn’t even getting All-Star love as he was left off the Western Conference squad. Towns is averaging a career high in points (26.9) and assists (4.2), while also averaging nearly 11 rebounds per game. This continues to be a year of disappointment for Towns. The worst part of all? The T’Wolves have no interest in trading him, as the organization said they want to still build around him. Listen, I’m all for building around Towns. But if you actually can’t, why not trade him away and get a haul back? Hit the reset button? Regardless, Towns should be in the All-Star game in some fashion.

Jaylen Brown

This one hits close to home. The Celtics have a solid team this season. Kemba Walker got the nod as one of the starters for the Eastern Conference. Jayson Tatum got his nod as a reserve for the event in Chicago.

I mean, look at how cute Deuce is delivering news to his dad! Anyways, this isn’t about Jayson Tatum. This is about Jaylen Brown. Brown has been one of the staples to this Celtics team that has helped them to the three seed in the East with a 32-15 record thus far. The fourth year forward has taken his game to a whole new level. He’s averaging career highs in just about every category you can think of. Points, assists, steals, you name it and Brown is posting a career high. The Celtics weren’t going to have Walker, Tatum, Brown, and Gordon Hayward all in the All-Star game. But you had to think Brown would be in there somewhere. Oh well, maybe next year?

There are plenty of other snubs that can be talked about. But these three stick out the most. These are three players that are having incredible seasons. Some of the names on the actual reserve list are suspect to put it best. But, it’s not about an individual award at the end of the day. It’s about the team and doing whatever the team needs to do to make a playoff run. With Minnesota and Washington likely to miss the playoffs, the Celtics are your best bet. Let’s make it happen. Let’s go Celtics!

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