Tom Brady’s True Colors

Tom Brady’s True Colors


Photo courtesy of Business Insider

Tom Brady has been the ultimate team player. He’s never been the highest paid quarterback in the NFL, despite being the most successful. According to Business Insider, Tom has left about $60 million dollars on the table throughout his career, and that is the conservative number. It’s possible the total is upward to $100 million.

New England has restructured Brady’s contract with two years left for most of his career. This off-season however, no extension was granted. He signed a one year deal that leaves Brady open to NFL Free Agency in March. The year prior Brady had to swallow an incentive riddled contract, which was likened to a slap in the face.

Tom Brady has never been about the money. His main priority is winning football games. Before the start of the 2019 season no contract extension had been signed for multiple reasons. Brady wasn’t looking to break the bank. He never has before, all Brady wanted was a commitment from the Patriots. As you know, the Pats didn’t feel the same way, and now everyone is left wondering what is going to happen.

Photo courtesy of the Boston Globe

Tom Brady has helped the team financially with hopes the money will be spent to add talent, and to have a better chance of winning. The 2019 season ending in the Wild Card round can’t be the way this ends can it? I don’t believe Brady is demanding top dollar, that’s not his mindset.

Former VP of player personnel Scott Pioli just shared a glimpse into Brady’s mindset on Wednesday. Pioli joined the ‘Felger and Mazz’ show telling a story of another contract negotiation back in 2005.

“The year that we were actually going to have to pay him, I was negotiating with his agent Don Yee, and we were at one place and Don was at another place much higher.”

Similar to this year it seemed as if Brady’s agent and the Patriots weren’t on the same page. Tom Brady decided to take matters into his own hands. The QB, showing his true colors, decided to skip past the agent/team negotiations and handle it himself:

“I’ll never forget, Tommy coming into my office one morning,” Pioli said. “He comes in and closes the door, and says, ‘listen can we just talk about this as two friends talking. This isn’t a negotiation.’

“He talked about the numbers, and we talked about this number that was $10 million a year,” Pioli went on. “Six years, $60 Million, that’s what this deal ended up being. And I’ll never forget, he looked at me, and I won’t give you the full language he used, and he said, ‘Hey, if my family and I can’t live on $60 Million, there’s really something wrong.’”

Pioli said this was the turning point in the contract talks.

“He (Brady) said, I’m tired of this nonsense. Call Don.”

Pioli finished his story saying “That specific moment transcended, I knew how great of a team player he was. I knew how important everybody else was to him. That moment just took it to another level.”

Brady at the time was already a 3x Super Bowl Champion, and Peyton Manning had just signed a record deal of seven years close to $100 Million. Tom has always done what’s best for the Patriots, probably frustrating his agent along the way, but that’s who he is.

The greatest QB of all time is now a free agent, and we will see if the Patriots return the favor by giving him an extension to finish his career in New England. Brady’s true colors are the Patriots Red, White and Blue, not Green, and I think it stays that way. But only time will tell.