PSL 2020 Live Streaming | Stories and Predictions

The officials are giving extensions and renewals for PSL 2020 live streaming licenses. HBL PSL 2020 is on its way to becoming one of the biggest events in Pakistan. The preparations are in motion to host all the guests playing in the PSL 2020 teams. Fans are excited about seeing their favorite national and international players in action. As the PSL 2020 schedule puts these stunning matches in venues across Pakistan.

All the veterans are returning for another shot at the PSL championship. The two times winner Islamabad United is looking to score another win an maintain its streak. While Peshawar Zalmiand Quetta Gladiators are looking to win their second title. These three teams have tackled numerous times before and in the PSL 2020 live streaming, the audience will see it yet again.

Another underdog and for now the youngest team in the mix Multan Sultan is also aiming for #1. The Sultans do not have many platinum class players under their banner. But still, they manage to put on a good show. This year they are expecting to score some big names. If such happens then they will be able to cement their chances towards the PSL 2020 finals.

PSL 2020 Live Streaming, Behind the Scene Action   

The BTS last year was memorable and many fans went crazy about it. On the entire social media, there was talk about the PSL 2019 over millions of posts and shares. Similarly, behind the scene action for PSL 2020 teams are going to be even bigger this year. As last year the time for BTS was limited due to a hand full of matches.

Therefore, this year as the entire PSL will be hosted by Pakistan time will not be an issue. As fans will get to see a lot more of their players and much more behind the scene action. Still, there are few limitations on the media networks on how to cover the locker room secrets. But we will still get all the good bits.

Moreover, as all goes according to plan PSL 2020 live streaming will provide us with the biggest event yet. As four major venues around Pakistan are going to host the series. These venues are likely to be Multan and Rawalpindi and will each hold a few matches at first as a test run. Lahore and Karachi will get the bigger share this year but, in the future, the Matches will be evenly distributed.

Let’s Talk About the PSL 2020 Teams and Changes Predicted This Year 

Islamabad United the two times winner and the team that managed to keep Quetta and Peshawar at bay. This year Islamabad United is looking to make a few key changes to their team. These changes, of course, will be to include new players that will increase their performance. Even from last year’s loss Islamabad United is a strong team and is not the one to be taken lightly. Last year Luke Ronchi was able to captivate the audience with his bat and field, receiving the safe hands award. This year Islamabad United is looking to score some more platinum class players.

The PSL 2020 live streaming will display all the new players making into the PSL 2020 teams. As all the teams are looking to enter new foreign players, only the best names will make it forward. Fans are eager to see Sammy, Pollard, Munro, Russell, De Villiers, and Bravo in action again. Making this the biggest international event in Pakistan’s history.

Quetta Gladiators

The winners of last year under the captaincy of Sarfaraz Ahmed. Quetta Gladiators went from veterans of the finals to straight-off champions. This year they will have to work even harder to maintain their title. Otherwise, one of the others will take it from them. Many experts speculate that as Quetta Gladiators are sure to lose their title this year. As no team has been able to win two consecutive seasons.

So, either Quetta Gladiators will lose their title or be the first team to win two years in a row. But things are already not looking well for Quetta as their capital Sarfaraz Ahmed is under a lot of fire. This is due to the national team’s poor performance in the World Cup. Plus, the bad T20 matches against Siri Lanka.

Sarfaraz Ahmed is no longer the captain of the Pakistan team and even his seat in the team is in jeopardy. So, things are looking grim for this Gladiator, to make it into the PSL 2020 teams.

Multan Sultans

As they went from a change in ownership, the Multan Sultans are quite a popular team. They represent the other half of Punjab and are rivals to Lahore Qalandars. The team is owned by Ali Tareen son of Jahangir Tareen, a close friend of the Prime Minister of Pakistan. So, the amount of support for the Multan Sultans has only doubled over the years.

In Addition, Multan is going to host a hand full of matches in its stadium. Having all this in one mix is enough to let the fans go crazy on the streets. Multan is going to host its first international cricket event in decades. So, the fans are ready for a nostalgic feeling as they visit their beloved stadium again.

As the Prime Minister of Pakistan is also a legendary Cricketer of his time. This year he may make a special appearance during one of the matches. So, stay tuned to the PSL 2020 live streaming, as this year will blow you away.

Lahore Qalandars

Lahore Qalandars are among the most beloved PSL 2020 teams and are among the favorite to win. Fans of Lahore Qalandars expect a great win every year but every year they are disappointed. But this has not stopped the owner Mr. Fawad Rana from trying his best to support his dream. So, this year the saints of Lahore might finally make it to the top an become the fifth champion of the HBL PSL 2020.

There is no doubt that Lahore is a strong team, their captain Muhammad Hafeez is a well-respected player. Plus, his experience in cricket is also admirable. Many call him, the Professor of cricket due to his technique and abilities. But these abilities have are not being able to take them so far.

This year Lahore Qalandars are looking to make some changes to their team. Moreover, if we follow the rumors correctly then the Qalandars are going to play a bit more aggressive this time. Their hunger for the title is going to be at its peak and they are the most favorite to win this year. Although this high placement might just be to troll the fans.

Karachi Kings

Karachi Kings the team with the wings is also famished. They are aiming for the championship for the last four years but they are unable to reach the semifinals. The road to the semi-finals is overtaken by Islamabad United, Peshawar Zalmi, and Quetta Gladiators. As these three teams are always tackling each other in the finals.

This year as the underdogs of the PSL 2020, Karachi Kings will aim to rid the finals of these three teams. Fans of Karachi Kings are tired of sitting at the bottom of the scoreboard. The only saving grace they have had so far is Lahore Qalandars and Multan Sultan at accompanying it to the lower ends.

Imad Wasim took on the responsibilities as captain last year and was able to keep a moderate streak. Karachi Kings played ten matches and won five with five loses. This puts them in the middle of the scoreboard but still towards the lower ends. Karachi Kings are looking to strengthen their batting side this year and aim to win the title of champions form Quetta Gladiators.   

Peshawar Zalmi

One of the strongest teams in the tournament Peshawar Zalmi has lots of batting power behind them. This is the reason they are able to make it to the finals so easily. Their tug of war with Quetta and Islamabad is worthy of making each highlight. In addition, Sammy and Pollard are among the absolute favorites among fans.

Last year there wasn’t a place in Lahore and Karachi where you didn’t see a picture of Darren Sammy. So, the chances of Peshawar Zalmi taking the crown from Quetta are relatively high. Their experience, coordination, and team play are all high. Plus, their owner Javed Afridi knows how to make his team stronger. This year Peshawar Zalmi is on its way to make some the team even better with many hard hitters.

The PSL 2020 live streaming will be able to shed some light as to which players are able to make it into the drafts. But Peshawar Zalmi is looking to play it strong this year. As they seek to maintain their high standards as one of the top PSL 2020 teams.

No Major Changes Will Occur in The PSL 2020 Schedule

There are many speculations going on around the internet that the PSL 2020 schedule may change. Many experts themselves are pointing towards the security issues that can arise in the upcoming month. But the PSL officials are looking to host the entire season in Pakistan and no changes are expected.

During their meeting with Chairman PCB, Mr. Ehsan Mani the PSL officials agreed to host the matches in Pakistan.  They are displaying their true confidence in Pakistan’s ability to host such an international event. In addition, with the successful tour of Siri Lanka during September and October. Which was so far the biggest international tour of any cricket team in Pakistan.

The security of the venues and team was approved to be of the highest standard. So, following this the international community is beginning to trust the security conditions in Pakistan. This year Pakistan is looking to attract many foreign guests and cricketers. Finally, able to recognize its dream of livening up its stadiums.

Prediction for the PSL 2020 Teams Winning this Year

Looking at it as a statistical point of view Quetta Gladiators are going to lose their title this year. As for the winners Karachi Kings is likely to be the best candidate as their progress dictates. Karachi was able to maintain a moderate score last year and their team has room for improvement. Teams like Peshawar Zalmi and Islamabad United are at their best and will make no major changes.

Although many will seek to increase their power and technique. But the team with the best balance of players as bowlers, fielders, and batsmen will take the title. Karachi Kings is well on its way to make this balance and with a few more tweak they will be able to make it into the finals.

The best option to enhance your prediction is to watch the PSL 2020 live streaming of the opening ceremony. As we know which player will make it into the PSL 2020 drafts, a better prediction can be formed. But overall a well-balanced team is likely to win the championship as seen previously.

So, as many national players make it into their new homes. we will eagerly look forward to the PSL 2020 live streaming of the opening ceremony. So, fans can stay tuned for our prediction for the PSL 2020 winners. Which we will make after carefully analyzing every aspect of the PSL 2020 teams.