Mookie Betts: Padres Pause, Dodgers Ramp Up

Mookie Betts: Padres Pause, Dodgers Ramp Up

Two days ago the drum beat over the weekend was leading to Mookie Betts landing in San Diego for a young starting pitcher, a young outfielder, Wil Myers, and a prospect. Through 5:45pm EST today the Padres and Red Sox seem deadlocked around the amount of Myers’ remaining $61 Million each team would pay.

Over the intervening days the baseball intelligentsia has weighed in that a Mookie trade is probably, most likely, more and more seriously, going to happen:

Ken Rosenthal lead off his time on the MLB Network this morning saying he now believes the Red Sox will trade Mookie.

Have the Padres dragging their feet, or closing their wallet, allowed the Dodgers to step in? That note from Buster Olney is certainly interesting. If Bob Nightengale starts tweeting about a Dodgers connection then there’s really something cooking. By that I mean, if he starts tweeting about it again:

For those watching at home, Francisco Lindor is off the market:

Lou Merloni‘s report on WEEI yesterday that Mookie countered the Red Sox offer of 10 years and $300 Million with 12 years and $420 Million has definitely caused the Padres to pause their pie in the sky Tony Gywnn Jr on sports radio dream of Mookie signing a long term deal with San Diego. The Dodgers may be flying into the breach now that the Lindor deal broke down. Today on WEEI the whole OMF crew is saying the Red Sox not only should, but have to trade Mookie.

This is a fast moving story, stay tuned. If you’re bored, type “Mookie Betts” into the search field on Twitter and click “Latest”. Something is coming soon.

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