Kobe Bryant And Tom Brady Are Both Legends That Brought Championships

Kobe Bryant And Tom Brady Are Both Legends That Brought Championships

When you say the name Kobe Bryant the first word that comes to my mind is champion. When you say Tom Brady the first word that comes to my mind is Champion. Both legends spent two decades with the same team and won championships and MVP’s. They always put in the work and were both the first ones at their respected facilities and the last to leave. Kobe is and icon in the LA and the NBA just like Brady is an icon in Boston and the NFL. They are both legends in their own respected sports and we’re fortunate to witness the championships each legend brought to their respected cities.

Kobe Bryant in LA is What Tom Brady is to Boston. A Legend

When you’re with an organization for two decades and it brings multiple championships you make a name for yourself. By putting in the work getting through the bad times to come out on top in the end is what Kobe and Brady have both done for their respected franchises. The Los Angeles Lakers are the most powerful franchise in the NBA and the Patriots are the most powerful franchise in the NFL. Brady put the Patriots on the map and Kobe really put the Lakers back on the map. Kobe had Shaq and others but Brady also had help between Troy Brown, Kevin Faulk, etc. Both guys had great leadership that led to team bonding which led to championships.

Probably the most important thing is they both love their family. They would do anything for them big or small. Kobe was just doing what every parent does taking his daughter to a sporting event in this case a basketball game. The bond a parent and child has is something nobody can take away from them. For Brady, whether it’s taking his kids to a sporting event or just having family time, he enjoys every moment. That was the same for Kobe, which is why he had the helicopter to spend more time with his kids instead of sitting in traffic and missing something.

Kobe said it the best: “Love what you do.” You can see the full clip above. I can say I love what I do whether it’s getting coffee, munchkins, going to work and writing for this great site, I love every part of it. People that told Kobe and Brady they would never be good enough made them stronger and they both turned out to be champions.

Featured Image via The Hollywood Reporter