Mookie Betts To Padres More Likely By The Hour

Mookie Betts To Padres More Likely By The Hour

The Padres, thanks to the Dodgers reportedly being involved, have finally leaked a proposal. Within the past hour the San Diego Union Tribune has reported that the Padres would be willing to include:

The stumbling block seems to be the amount of Wil Myers remaining $61 Million the Red Sox are willing to take on.

This shows Chaim Bloom’s hand. He wants major league help, not just prospects. That is very interesting, as the Dodgers have just this type of deal to offer as well.

Bob Nightengale reported in mid December that the Red Sox and Dodgers were talking about a deal that would involve Corey Seager. With all the Padres are willing to put on the table, could this actually pry Seager and possibly Alex Verdugo from the Dodgers? Could this turn into a bigger deal, with David Price going to the Dodgers as well?

This information is on top of Jon Heyman reporting over the weekend that the Padres were willing to include formally untouchable Luis Patiño in a deal for Mookie Betts:

This guy has been rocketing up the Padre’s system. This is from Mike Rosenbaum, one of’s Padres reporters, at the beginning of 2019:

Jump:Luis Patiño, RHP (2018: NR | 2019: 6) — Pushed aggressively, the teenager dominated in his full-season debut in ’18.

In 2019 over two levels (A and AA), Patiño went 6-8 with a 2.57 ERA in 94+ innings, with a 1.130 WHIP, 123 strikeouts, and only 38 walks. The kid is 19 years old, five years younger than the average AA player. This would be the greatest Red Sox pitching prospect since possibly Jon Lester. He only pitched seven innings in AA last year, so would likely start there. But this is an Ace level talent just beginning to scratch the surface.

And all of this is on top of Alex Speier’s yesterday about the Sox being serious about dealing Mookie.

All in all, Chaim Bloom has somehow managed to place himself in the Cat Bird’s seat in these negotiations. He is playing the Padres and Dodgers off each other expertly. If he can somehow wrangle something like Lucchesi + Naylor + Patiño, even paying most of Myers, for Mookie that is a major success.

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