Get Rich Quickly by Believing in Red Sox at World Series

Get Rich Quickly by Believing in Red Sox at World Series

The 2020 Major League Baseball (MLB) season starts on March 26 and will conclude on September 27. 

Baseball fans will once again be willing on their favourite teams to see if they can go all the way and win a World Series. The World Series will commence on October 20 and a Game 7 if required will take place on October 28.

There will be a total of 30 teams competing this season and the betting action will continue to grow as the season progresses. One of the betting options available is to pick the winner of the World Series before the start of the season. If you can pick the winning team before the season commences, you have a chance of winning a big payout as the odds are very interesting.  

There are millions of Red Sox fans in America and around the world. The Red Sox won the World Series in 2018 and were expected to do well in 2019 as defending champions. However, they did not have a good season in 2019 as the Washington Nationals and Houston Astros made it to the World Series. This was a closely fought series that went into Game 7 which the Nationals ended up winning to take the World Series. 

Bookmakers Put Red Sox In Top 5

Even though the Red Sox did not do well last year, bookmakers are still backing them to come back strong in 2020 and make a good run for the championship. The Red Sox open the season with odds of +1000 and are currently ranked in the top 5 teams that are expected to win the World Series this season.

Emma Davis from Nodepositexplorer says “The Red Sox are not the favourites to win this season but they have the ability to beat any team on their day. They need to string together a few wins in a row to rekindle their belief that they can start this decade with a World Series win”.

The fact that sportsbooks have the Red Sox among the top 5 teams that are expected to win the World Series will surprise a lot of bettors including Red Sox fans. This is because the core team is still not settled as some of their key players could end up leaving the franchise.

Red Sox Team Composition – Big Factor 

J.D. Martinez is one of the key players for the Red Sox. He is a designated hitter and outfielder who has a wealth of valuable experience behind him that is invaluable to the franchise. If he plays this season with the Red Sox, their chances of progressing to the World Series is a lot higher.

Chris Sale will need to be on his game for any chance

However, if he decides to exercise his player option and look elsewhere, the Rex Sox will not only have a big hole to fill but they will need to make his replacement settle in quickly and contribute at 100 percent.

Yet another major factor that the Red Sox have to address is the continuity of Mookie Bets. The 27 year old superstar has shown his class over the years by winning multiple awards including the Most Valuable Player (MVP), Gold Glove and Silver Slugger. The Red Sox will dearly want him to continue with the franchise but reports suggest that Bets is seriously looking at free agency. If he is not fully committed to the Red Sox, the team might make the decision to trade him and see if they can pull in new faces who will make the team stronger.

At the end of the day, the final composition of the Red Sox will greatly determine how they play and perform throughout the 2020 season. If they end up losing some of their star players, the Red Sox could face a significant setback and find it difficult to break into the top 5 teams this season.

This is what happened to the Golden State Warriors in the NBA. When they ended up losing their core group of players, the Warriors who were the number 1 team in the NBA for the last 4 years, fell apart and are no longer a big threat to other teams in the NBA. The Red Sox will want to prevent this from happening and it will be up to the owners and senior management to see how best they can keep their core group together.

Houston Astros Favourites 

Bookmakers have not ranked the Washington Nationals who are defending champions as the favourites. Instead they have ranked the Houston Astros who finished as runner-ups to the Nationals as the favourites to win the 2020 World Series. The Astros have odds of +400 while the Los Angeles Dodgers and the New York Yankees have odds of +500. In fourth place are the Atlanta Braves who have the same odds of +500 as the Red Sox.

Teams 5 to 10 have very attractive odds and that is because they have an outside chance of winning the Super Series. If you are one of those risk takers or a hard core baseball fan, then you will be interested in these odds.

In sixth place, the Chicago Cubs have odds of +1400, followed by the Cleveland Indians and defending champions the Washington Nationals who also have odds of +1400. In 10th place are the Philadelphia Phillies who have odds of +1600.

How The Odds Work

If you are not sure how these odds work, this should help you. If you place a $100 wager on the Astros who are the favourites with +400 odds and they end up winning the World Series, you will win $400. On the other hand if you end up placing $100 on the Phillies who have odds of +1600 and they end up winning the World Series, then you will walk away with a cool $1600. 

If you are considering place a bet on the World Series, go ahead and do it now as these odds are subject to change as the new season approaches!