McCourtys Not A Fan Of Hernandez Documentary

McCourtys Not A Fan Of Hernandez Documentary

The Netflix documentary about former Patriots tight end called ‘Killer Inside: The mind of Arron Hernandez’ didn’t sit well with Devin McCourty. Patriot fans already know the Hernandez story so I’m not going to get into all of that. I will pay my respects to the victims family’s and Aaron’s daughter.

Devin and his twin brother Jason have a podcast called “Double coverage”, and they didn’t like the documentary or what happened after it’s release. Devin talked about the three part series and shed some light on something I didn’t even know had happened.

“I wasn’t a fan,” Mccourty said. “And I think the thing that was really disgusting about the whole thing wasn’t the documentary’s fault per se. But I was listening to the radio today, and because the documentary has come out and now everyone’s talking about ‘Hey, did you see it? What happened?’ The family of Odin Lloyd has received messages through social media, people sending letters, like, telling them they did a horrible thing and they brought Hernandez down.

“And I’m sitting here like, this family lost a son, a brother, a big cousin. A community lost a young man, and people had the audacity to reach out to this guy’s mom and really say stuff like that. Whether that’s your opinion or not, have whatever opinion you want once you watch the documentary, but why go the extra step and make sure your opinion is heard by someone who’s already dealt with this loss? I’m sure at some point she’s moved on a little bit, and now she’s reliving the whole thing. Because it’s been on the news it’s just been everywhere.”

Personally I agree from where Devin is coming from. People blaming a grieving mother, sending letters as if she was responsible for Aaron’s actions, is terrible and disgusting.

As I watched the docuseries I was thinking, who are these people that “knew” him so closely, and why are much older Patriots players on this? McCourty felt the same way, he didn’t like who they decided to interview and felt they didn’t know him well enough to understand what was going on in Aaron’s head.

Ryan O’Callaghan was a big part of the documentary but D-Mac explains below he didn’t even know him

“The documentary’s called ‘Getting into the mind of Aaron Hernandez’, but how?” McCourty said. “You interview Ryan O’Callaghan, who didn’t know him. You interview Jermaine Wiggins who didn’t play with him. Chris Borland who didn’t play with him, I don’t even think he was in the league until two or three years after this all happened. Then you have a bunch of people from high school, from the way-back past.

“So it was like alright, we got the high school. We got some of the early life. We already got that, though. We already knew that. There’s no bridge. I just felt like the documentary had an angle, like ‘we want people to walk away with this.”

McCourty does make a good point. It does seem to have some kind of agenda to it, which I didn’t like myself. The documentary kept going over two things: Aaron’s sexuality and CTE.

McCourty, apparently a big fan of documentaries, had a little more to get off his chest

“This to me, was just like, ‘We want you to walk away and think that he was homosexual and he had CTE, and that’s why all of this happened.’ And to me, I want to watch a documentary and then manifest and think of stuff on my own. I just felt like it was just directly at that the whole time.”

The Patriots captain, who was drafted the same year as Hernandez, didn’t seem happy about the victims family having to relieve this all over again. The biggest takeaway seemed to be about the people who actually sent the Lloyd family horrible letters. The entire situation is tragic, and for people to do something like that is incomprehensible. The two Patriots stars had more to say and you can watch it right here. They discuss the Hernandez documentary at the 24 minute mark.