The Robert Kraft Era

The Robert Kraft Era

The New England Patriots have had the most consistent stretch of any franchise in NFL history over the past few decades. They have prided themselves on doing things the right way, a.k.a. “The Patriot Way”. But what has been one of the main differences during these two decades compared to the past Patriots? It starts at the top with owner Robert Kraft. On January 21st, 1994, Robert Kraft bought the New England Patriots franchise.

Since then, the franchise has taken off at a sky rocket pace. Let’s take a look at the Robert Kraft era and what it has brought to Patriots fans.

A Playoff Tradition

It’s pretty much a tradition at this point in New England to see the Patriots in the playoffs. However, we didn’t get so lucky before Robert Kraft. Sure, there were a few teams that made some noise. The 1996 Patriots made it to the Super Bowl, only to lose to the Green Bay Packers. The Patriots also went to the Super Bowl in 1986, but got destroyed by the Bears. Other than that there wasn’t a lot to celebrate. To be honest, it was a time when the Patriots and their fans would be happy to win a playoff game. But when Kraft came into the fold, he wanted to bring a championship to New England. He wanted to do whatever it takes to get the Patriots to that point. Now the Patriots are vilified if they go one and done in the playoffs. Enough said.

Belichick and Brady

These two moves were the best under the Kraft era. Robert Kraft went out and got Bill Belichick to transform the Patriots into winners. In 2000 the Patriots went 5-11. This would be the last time the Patriots had a losing season under Belichick. We know the rest. Three Super Bowls from 2001-2004. Three more Super Bowls from 2014-2018, with a fourth appearance in there as well. Bill Belichick has built a legacy for himself and for Patriots fans to cherish. Does he make mistakes? Sure, every coach does! But what he’s brought to the Patriots as far as structure and detail goes is without a doubt, second to none, better than any other NFL team.

Then of course, there’s Tom Brady. Brady complimented Belichick, as Brady has the same energy and drive to win Super Bowls as his head coach. With six Super Bowls, nine appearances, and countless other awards, Tom Brady has brought consistent excellence to the Patriots. He’s always read defenses well, he’s always prepared, and usually makes the most out of his weapons. Sure, 2019 was a bit disappointing. But assuming Brady comes back for another season, the ride will continue a little bit longer. There are no duos in NFL history better than Belichick and Brady.


The Patriots have been winners under the Robert Kraft era. By letting Belichick do his thing in the front office and on the field, this has brought Robert Kraft six Super Bowl titles. I mean, look at these numbers.

This looks like something straight out of Madden. Robert Kraft has helped the Patriots become winners within the Boston sports community. Without Robert Kraft taking over, who knows where this Patriots team would be?

Robert Kraft buying the Patriots was the best thing to happen to the franchise. He wanted to build a winner. After 26 years, I think it’s safe to say he has the winner he dreamed about all those years on the Foxboro Stadium benches as a season ticket holder. Thank you for it all, Mr. Kraft!