Don’t Compare Brady Leaving To Divorce

Don’t Compare Brady Leaving To Divorce

Can we stop comparing Brady and the Patriots to a marriage?

If you’re a married couple who’s been married for 20 years and the kids are grown and maybe out of the house you start asking – what’s the next thing? For the Patriots and Brady their 20 year marriage has brought a lot of winning. However, but now is it time to move on? Brady has helped build a winning empire in New England, has taken pay cut after pay cut, but at 43 is it time to be selfish on Brady’s part?

Give Brady what he wants with some help

Tom is going to do what’s best for him and his family. He’s given the Patriots so much over the last two decades. What more can he possibly give? He isn’t playing for another team so we can stop with the rumors of where he’s going. Brady and the Patriots aren’t getting divorced, since people want to compare this relationship to a marriage. Brady’s help at receiver was garbage: he had two guys who just couldn’t stay on the field, rookie receivers who couldn’t catch, and zero tight ends. Brady’s been here for two decades and they can’t get him guy’s who can actually catch the ball besides Edelman?

It makes no sense for Brady to leave and start over when he’s retiring in three years anyway

Brady’s going to comeback but he needs help at receiver. There’s no point of divorcing the Patriots at this point. If this was a real marriage and it wasn’t going anywhere then yeah, divorce would probably the best option. You’re probably 35 and like “alright I got a full life ahead of me why stick it out anymore if I’m not happy?” But Brady is retiring in three years anyway. Just give the guy what he deserves and let him leaves on his own terms. He deserves that at least. Him starting over with a new team with new playbook and receivers makes zero sense whatsoever. He’s got it made in New England and this is where he’ll finish his career.

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