Shocking move: David Backes sent to AHL

In a shocking yet reasonable move by Don Sweeney and the Bruins front office, Bruins veteran David Backes was placed on waivers for the purpose of assignment to AHL Providence.

Seen it coming

While this move might come as a shock to most at first, its a move that isn’t exactly a surprise. David Backes hasn’t made much of an impact at the NHL level this year in his 16 games played, potting just one goal and two assists, with a -2 plus minus. Backes was more of a physical presents on the ice in the games that he played for the Bruins this year. The injuries that Backes has suffered over the years have really begun to take a toll as they have seriously effected Backes’s ability to even be very physical. Concussions are something that can effect a player in more ways than one. One good pop to the head of David Backes could have a long term effect on his life, not just his career.

With the Bruins recent struggles, Backes was the second chip to fall as Bret Richie was sent down to Providence earlier this week. These moves seem to be Don Sweeney sending the message that he thinks its time for some fresh faces in Boston. Whether or not it was the final straw for Richie or Backes, or it was just a message to them is still unknown.

How does it help the Bruins?

Sending down a player like David Backes is something that has to be done with reassurance that something positive will come of it. There are potential positives that can come of this. It frees up a roster spot for potentially a new name to be called up from Providence, or for a potential trade that Don Sweeney has in his bag of tricks. Sending down David Backes saves the Bruins one million dollars in cap space. That again is cap space that could come in handy when trying to add a new player via trade.

Another positive impact that it will have on the Bruins organization is that if David Backes decides to keep playing, it will bring a player with 14 years of NHL experience into the locker room of the Providence Bruins. The experience alone, plus the mind, will give plenty of value for the young bucks in Providence. If David Backes does decide to retire, the Bruins are not penalized at all for the salary remaining on his contract.

Where does David Backes go from here?

With lots of rumors of retirement, it seems as if David Backes has options. With the NHL All Star break coming up, as well as the Bruins bye week, David Backes has some time to determine what he wants to do. Regardless, Backes still brings value to whatever team he is on. It might not be worth what the Bruins paid him to be, but knowledge is just as important as anything else that a player can bring.

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