Chaim Bloom Has A Mess On His Hands

Chaim Bloom Has A Mess On His Hands

Bloom walked into a cluster

The news in baseball these last couple of days is the most eventful news that sport has in months. The cheating scandal with the Houston Astros from has been completely dumped on Alex Cora. He was the mastermind behind what he did in Houston and brought the same thing to the Red Sox in 2018. With the Red Sox parting ways with Cora for obvious reasons, new Chief Baseball Officer Chaim Bloom has a mess on his hands. This kid just got here from a quiet organization with the Tampa Bay Rays and has to deal with this cluster a month before spring training.

Press conference was very bland

During the press conference Wednesday Bloom was very orchestrated and said nothing about the managerial search. There’s no way he’s the only one having input, as it will be a collective effort from ownership and Sam Kennedy. The Sox may need to get a whole new coaching staff if the 2018 investigation involves more than just Cora. I feel bad for Bloom. This has nothing to do with him, and now has to deal with this mess while putting a decent team on the field for the 2020 season. What a headache!

Boston is not Tampa. The atmosphere and culture is so different. The media and fan base is completely different too. Bloom has to be short with his answers and not reveal anything. People care more about their teams in Boston than any other fan base in the Country.

This off-season the Sox really have done absolutely nothing major to cut payroll. Bloom has done small moves but nothing that is a major shakeup to the roster going into 2020. Red Sox need a new manager ASAP before spring training begins in a month. Bloom has a lot of work to do in a short amount of time to do it. Good luck!

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