Astros Get The Black Sox Treatment: Cora Next

Astros Get The Black Sox Treatment: Cora Next

The commissioner has battered the Astros with the first year long suspension for two major pieces of an organization since the 1919 Chicago Black Sox scandal:

That is a Thor Hammer level penalty, and apparently Alex Cora is next:

Jeff Passan is more plugged in than my appliances, and here is one explanation for it:

There's Cora mentioned in the first section. Hinch and Luhnow gone for a year, Cora even more? The only things getting punishments like this have been gambling and steroids. Stealing signs electronically has risen to that level now.

Duck Cora.

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4 thoughts on “Astros Get The Black Sox Treatment: Cora Next

    1. Not exactly the same no, but it is the only other time in MLB history more than one person was suspended for a full year. So the Athletic writers, the MLB Network Analysts, many of the ESPN writers all coming to the same conclusion means we’re all trolls I guess.

  1. Yeah, the 1919 team was banned for life. Not really the same now, is it? Gets attention, though, doesn’t it? #troll

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