Gerry Callahan Is Back In Media With A New Podcast

Gerry Callahan Is Back In Media With A New Podcast

The longtime Boston media member could not stay silent for long. The first week of The Gerry Callahan Podcast is in the books. Callahan’s show will consist of three main themes; politics, sports, and revenge. The podcast will be released Monday through Thursday. Although, the first week actually contained five episodes.

“After 20 years in morning drive in Boston, most of it spent at number 1,” Callahan said in a 1:38 teaser podcast released December 9th, “I got cancelled by a spineless, sports radio station in July.” 

“We’re gonna talk about all the things I want to talk about, things I used to talk about,” Callahan explained. “I suspect we’ll spend a lot of time on two old friends; Donald Trump and Tom Brady. We’ll do politics. We’ll do sports. We’ll do movies, t.v., we’ll make fun of the media. And we’ll spend a lot of time on the insidious cancel culture that has ruined traditional talk radio and landed me right here.” 

Callahan was a personality on WEEI for over two decades. He hosted three different morning shows over his tenure. His first program was Dennis and Callahan with John Dennis. That was followed by Kirk and Callahan with Kirk Minihane after Dennis retired in 2016. Then in 2018, Minihane took two breaks from the station to deal with mental health struggles. Afterwards, Minihane was only on one other time. Callahan then started hosting Mut and Callahan with Mike “Mut” Mutnansky in 2018. Callahan left WEEI in July of 2019. 

While Callahan is most known for his career in radio, he also wrote for the Lowell Sun, Boston Herald, and Sports Illustrated. 

In his first podcast, Callahan brought on former controversial WEEI personality Alex Reimer. Reimer was an occasional combative third voice on Kirk and Callahan. Since his liberal political leanings are the opposite of Callahan’s conservative opinions, they make for an entertaining duo. Callahan and Reimer discussed Ricky Gervais’ job hosting The Golden Globes, the assassination of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, and Tom Brady’s future with the Patriots. 

For the second episode, the always entertaining Kirk Minihane was the guest. The two opined on a Red Sox clubhouse attendant being accused of sexual assault. Also, can Gerry Callahan and Kirk Minihane be on a podcast together and not criticize other Boston media members? Nope. While they both have their own podcasts now, it is always great to occasionally hear them back together. 

On Callahan’s third show, former Boston College quarterback and Patriot practice squad quarterback Scott Mutryn was on the show. He discussed his brief stint with New England and joked the Patriots would not have drafted Brady if he had been more talented. They also got into Brady’s future with the Patriots. 

The tenacious, controversial blogger and reporter Turtleboy was on the fourth podcast. The two reviewed President Trump’s speech after the Iran Missile Attack. They also discussed the current state of journalism and politics in the country. 

For the special fifth episode, former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling came on. Callahan and Schilling shared their thoughts on the current state of media and politics in the United States. Schilling also chimes in on the Baseball Hall of Fame and what it would mean for him to be voted in. 

It will be interesting to see who becomes recurring guests on Callahan’s podcast. Regardless of who comes on the show, it will be the same passionate, opinionated Gerry Callahan. The only difference: He is now unfiltered. 

Story by Chad Jones

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