Boston Bruins: The Captains Of Our Future – Part One

Boston Bruins: The Captains Of Our Future – Part One

The Boston Bruins have a very long and legendary line of captains and assistant captains. With Zdeno Chara nearing the end of his career, who comes next? There are a few names who might be deserving. But come the 2021-2022 season, whos wearing a patch for the Boston Bruins?

Not just anybody

The captains role as a Boston Bruin is no easy role. It comes at the attention of a very loyal and sometimes unforgiving fan base, as well as leading a team and city with the mentality that says kill or be killed. The toughest of the tough, and the roughest of the rough. Putting on a Boston Bruins sweater is an honor. It always has been and it always will be. But it takes that much more heart and that much more grit to tote a patch over your heart in Boston. While not every player that wears a patch can provide the physicality that Zdeno Chara did for the Bruins, every player that wears a patch will have to provide the toughness in every sense of the word. Physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Past Captains

Its been 14 years since the Bruins have had a new captain. Bruins current captain Zdeno Chara is the longest tenured captain in Bruins history, as well as the longest tenured captain in the NHL. Two years ahead of Chicago Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews. The Bruins have had 27 captains in their storied history. 21 of them have played for the Bruins for the entirety of their career. Eight of them are current hockey hall of famers. Not including Joe Thorton and Zdeno Chara, who both have the resume to be a hall of famers when they become eligible.

Bostons next “C” is a given

The next captain of the Bruins will only add to those numbers. All of them. A future hall of famer, whos been with the Bruins for his whole career. While there are a couple of current Bruins who might be worthy of being a captain in Boston or somewhere else in the NHL someday, one player has been laying the ground work for nearly 20 years. Patrice Bergeron has had an impact on the Bruins since the day he was drafted, and a positive one at that.

Since leading the Bruins in points in his first NHL season, Patrice Bergeron has been the heart and soul of the Boston Bruins. From his level of effort that is constantly the highest on the ice, to playing the game with the respect that it deserves, Patrice Bergeron is a prime example of a team captain in every sense of the word. Make no mistake about it. When Zdeno Chara decides to hang up the skates, Patrice Bergeron will be the next captain of the Boston Bruins.

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