The Tom Brady Watch Is Like Wanting A Girl To Choose You

The Tom Brady Watch Is Like Wanting A Girl To Choose You

Too much drama surrounding Brady

Where only on day six of Brady watch and already it’s getting out of control. Since the loss to the Titans on Saturday night it’s been nothing but Brady. It’s not about the Bruins, or Celtics. Not about Drew Brees or Phillip Rivers who are also free agents. It’s all about Brady. Really, you can’t blame anyone for talking about it all the time because he’s the Greatest Of All Time. This whole notion that the Brady and the Patriots relationship is ending could be false. It also could be true and he could play for another team. There is no way he is retiring, he’s made that perfectly clear. All this drama surrounding his decision is like wanting a girl you like to chose you.

It’s about time he does what’s best for him

Brady’s relationship with the Patriots has been an amazing ride, and hopefully it keeps going. Brady has helped create something that nobody can take away from them. He always takes pay cuts when his contract is up so they can spend money elsewhere. He’s done what was best for the team instead of himself. Like when a couple stay together for the kids cause they can’t think of themselves, it’s all about the kids.

If he stays with the Patriots he needs help around him

Brady was frustrated this season working with rookie receivers, and really no tight end. It was Edelman and that was it for receivers. The only way Brady comes back is he gets help at that position. He also won’t go to a crappy team with no talent. He’s 43 years old next year and deserves to end his Hall Of Fame career on a high note and on top.

As we approach this off-season Brady is done doing what’s best for the team, and is now going to do what’s best for himself. Whether that’s with New England or elsewhere, he’s going to play where it suits him perfectly. So, all these teams can chase Brady and say why he should chose them, but at the end of the day it will be Brady who has the final say. Everyone else has to be patient.

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